Buyer has bought a gig but he has not supplied the work


I have contacted him on 3 separate occasions to ask him if I could do anything for the gig that he had purchased, I am a transcriber, but he has not answered or cancelled or anything, what should I do? Is there a tactic involved here, or do you think that it was purchased in error ? He bought the gig on 24th Feb. Any advice would be great.


I have contacted 3 times and still no reply, I think that the best bet is just to keep and eye on it and as suggested keep a very close eye on it if I go on vacation.


Thank you for posting and this is always a good question. I have started leaving the pending submission orders in limbo. The order is not activated until buyer submits required information. I just started doing this and I had an order from mid-Feb that they client just sent me the data needed to start their family tree. So patience is a virtue and pays off. I think once they see that money taken out of their bank/paypal account they realize they have forgotten something… good luck with your gig(s)


Thank you very much for the help.


That really does help, thank you very much. I had not even thought about the going on holiday scenario.


just try contacting the seller again maybe and ask them to please submit the order details. Tell them that in order to serve them and finish the order in a timely manner you need the order details. works like a charm for me.