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Buyer has gone silent. What to do?


So I was really excited today when I saw I had received my first order. But the buyer has gone silent after I responded to them through the order form. They’ve been on a few times since then so I thought they would see it.

When I try to inbox them directly they don’t come up in the search. :neutral_face:

Edit: I need them to give me additional information so that I can start their order.


I suggest you do the job if the buyer gives you information on how to do the job.


If the countdown timer has started all you can do is wait for your buyer to respond. However, if you still have not heard from your buyer and you only have 12 hours left contact CS through the Resolution Center explain your situation and ask for more time.

If the timer is not running, then you can wait for the buyer to return. Sometimes they never do. :roll_eyes: I have had an order waiting for buyer information for over a year. :open_mouth:


Thanks so much for the thorough answer. :slightly_smiling_face:
Unfortunately, the timer did already start. So I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see.
Hopefully another order will come along soon. :relaxed:


Or… you could always go out and find new orders. I’m sure there are plenty of potential customers that need your services, but don’t know that your gig exists. Those are the people you need to be reaching out to. :wink:


Contact CS ASAP and I guess they will cancel the order and it won’t effect your 60 days stats because there is no fault of yours if buyer did not provide info.

However, if you have all the info then complete the order and submit.


These are all great answers. They are right, if the timer started just get the job done quick, so you have it when the buyer responds. Sometimes people don’t come right back to Fiverr if they have gave all the info.

If you’re missing info, I would reach out again. After the 3rd time in a 24 hour period, I would ask customers service to cancel with the reason buyer not responding. The buyer will see the notice and usually respond. If they don’t answer within 3 days of the cancellation notice the job automatically gets cancelled.

You won’t earn your money but the job won’t be counted against you either.

It terms of finding work, challenge yourself to exhaust your 10 daily offers in the Buyers Request. Someone is almost always looking to get work done, so you’re basically practicing your pitch. If there aren’t many buyer request in your category, open up other gigs in different categories you fit into, so you can see the work that is being requested in those categories.


Well that is wrong info, because if the client goes silent and doesn’t respond all support can do is to cancel the order but it still will affect your “order completition” rate even if there is no your fault.

You also can’t deliver the order if client placed wrong order or asking for things that is not offered in the gig because it will be considered as overusing “deliver” button and support can refund those orders to the client even if you already did the job.


Consult the fiverr team


It will show in the cancelled order but not in stats because it happened with me :wink: Order was cancelled and it showed in my cancels but my stats were 100%

Yes, I know that I mentioned if he has all info and related to what he offers. If a persons orders out of gig skills how can someone do that work. Many a times buyers give all info like I am in website designing I get order to convert HTML To wordpress and buyer never responds to messages so I can easily do the work and deliver