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Buyer has made a wrong review by mistake

I am a photo editor. Recently, I was working with a buyer. He was also taking services from a different seller who is a data entry operator. When I delivered my work at, the same time the other data entry seller also delivered his work.
The problem created when the buyer had written “great data mining” in his review in my photo editing gig. It was a mistake.
Now, I think it will create a very bad impression for other buyers. Please help me.


I see you got a 5 :star: review, so I would let it go. If you or your buyer asks CS to change the review, you could get a warning on your account. If you talked to your buyer questioning the review, you will, for sure, get a warning if CS finds out. So do not contact them.

I have had similar situations where the buyer says thanks for the rewrite. I am not a rewriter; I am a proofreader. What I did was point out that I provided proofreading services in my response to the sellers


Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestion.

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I understand your concern but it’s far too risky to try and address this.

You absolutely must not contact your buyer about the review - that can lead to an account warning.

And if you ask customer support to sort this, there is a chance they might misunderstand and also see your request as manipulation.

If I was you I would just leave things alone. You’ve got a five star review - celebrate!

After another 3 or 4 reviews, this one won’t even be read by the majority of buyers, however the 5 stars will still count towards your overall rating.

Sometimes it is best just to leave things alone and move on.


Just reply to rating explaining the situation so if any future buyers come across the review they know the rating was intentional but they review was a mistake.

“Buyer left a great rating but mistakenly copy and pasted the wrong review”.