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Buyer has misunderstood my gig and requested a modification


My buyer put an order for my gig and I completed this order and sent it to them, unfortunatly they requested a modification and had not stated a reason, until now. It seems they had mis-understood my gig. However I have sent them my completed gig and did exactly what they stated. I don’t want to cancel the gig because it was their error. What do I do?



Do the modification.



BTW, You have an off Fiver links in your profile. Off Fiverr links are not allowed and could get you banned and your gigs dropped.


Reply to @voiceoverwork: some foreign links are alowed if CS approves them sound cloud is one of them.


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Beleieve me I would do the modification if I could, however I can’t and that is why I never claimed to do it, neither in the Gig title nor the video.