Buyer has never given anyone 5-stars...your thoughts?


One of my buyers has been purchasing from me for over a year now, and he only ever gives me 4-stars across the board. The first time he left me a review, he messaged me (no, I didn’t ask him why) and said something like:

“I just want to be sure you know I’m happy with the work, however, I’ve only ever given 4-stars on Fiverr. I reserve the 5-star for when someone truly goes WAY above and beyond. 4-stars means I think the work is excellent, 5-stars means you did a truly outstanding job in ways I can’t even describe.”

I’m happy to have repeat clients, but this has always kind of confused me. He “can’t even describe” what would warrant a 5-star review, so he’s never given one to anyone. On occasion, he’ll message me after an order and thank me or give me a tip, which I truly appreciate (don’t get me wrong!), but after a year I’m just still wondering what more an editor can do above the “excellent work and service” he praises me for.

And just to be clear, I’m not complaining! I’m just looking for the thoughts of other sellers and their experience in dealing with buyers like this :smile:


Does he like chocolate? Try sending him some chocolate :smiley: Everyone loves chocolate :stuck_out_tongue:


Give him a discount…that works for me when I find a similar buyer.


I would send him a box of chocolates as well.

That would surely fit the outstanding category :wink:


I wouldn’t feel good about working with such an unreasonable person personally. I would severe ties and politely tell him the reason. It’s a form of abuse and totally unreasonable.


I bet he’s allergic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I understand some people have incredibly high standards, and I like being held to high standards, but I’m just at a loss. I give him the same service I give everyone else so it’s not like he’s a time-waster. He never requests modifications and I don’t think it’s him trying to get free extras.

It just always leaves me wondering what more he thinks should be delivered to him (other than presents)…

Oh well :smile:


Essentially what he wants is for you to deliver more than what he has paid for. Unfortunately some people are just like that, unreasonable and overvalue their own opinion/role on the site. Like the people who place a $5 writing order and want to discuss it for an hour afterwards.
Irritating but not worth being bothered about to be honest. I wouldn’t suggest saying anything, just let them continue along in their fantasy. Just roll your eyes and move on :slight_smile:


Great advice :smile:

For me, the most annoying buyers are the people who divide up my 5000-word proofreading gig (without my permission). I’ll edit a shorter document for them and the order will be completed. A few days/weeks later, they’ll send another small document and say “just include this in my previous order” … :weary: It doesn’t work that way!


That sounds like if he wanted a lunar rock, the Excalibur, the Goblet of Fire and the planes that contain the path to “El Dorado” (The Golden One) for 5$.

Hahahahahaha :joy:

But for real, that is just not fair.


On the other hand, I do believe some sellers do have a similar complex about the quality of their work and their “right” to 5 stars. Definitely not talking about you or anyone specific. Just some general comments I see on the forum at times.


It’s a form of power and control used by some who feel they need that kind of boost to their self esteem. How much does it cost if you are very happy with a service to leave 5 stars? Nothing. There is something going on with this person’s psyche. You are their victim.


What he’s doing is not fair. He’s lowering your rating with his several orders and for what? To have power and a sense of entitlement over you. I wouldn’t put up with that. I would talk to him, explain the importance of having 5 stars rating and hope he’s reasonable enough to rate me 5 stars. If that never happens I would stop working with a buyer like that.



Toss him.

You’re a talented level 2, you don’t need him or his reviews.


I was working for a buyer on a very large and annoying project. We divided it into a couple of smaller orders, so I could schedule them better in between my out-of-fiverr-orders. At one point she gave me a 4-point-something-rating and I immediately stopped with the rest of the project, even though there were a couple of hundred bucks more to earn. I just hated the project and that rating showed me that the buyer and I weren’t a good match after all. I will never work again for her.

So in your case I would ask him to never place an order again.


I’d fire a client like that. As others said, it sounds like a power trip for him. It’s no fun playing victim.