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Buyer has not responded after purchase

My gig recently was bought from a repeating customer. He enjoyed the first coaching session and a few days after the first one, he decided to purchase the gig again. However, this time with some complications. After he purchased, he has not responded to any of my messages so we are unable to set up a date or time for our session. This has caused the time to deliver become under 10 minutes as I am writing this. What should I do regarding this? I have sent an extension of the delivery time, hoping he accepts this as I do want to help him and give him the session he wanted. I also read up and saw that requesting for a cancellation will affect my statistics and decrease my delivery percentage from 100%. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Apart from approaching customer support and asking them to review what has happened, there is nothing you can do. .

You mustn’t be tempted to deliver the gig without having completed the work, as that breaches terms of service.

In fact, even if your buyer does contact you tomorrow for example, it’s too late in terms of your protecting profile stats - so if I was in your shoes, I would contact customer support right now regardless. State your case concisely, although they will obviously be able see that your buyer has not made contact.

Appreciate the quick reply. I have visited the resolution center and requested for an extension of the delivery time. As I have done that. Should I wait or go to customer services now as there is 6 minutes left to when I have to deliver.