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Buyer has not reviewed completed work yet

It has been a week since my gig was marked completed. There was no action on the buyer’s side therefore I had to wait the allotted amount of days before Fiverr marked it as complete. Now, a week later I still have yet to receive a review. This is only my second sale and would like get reviewed. My page still shows that I’ve only completed one gig, so my questions are:
Will it remain as one gig if the second buyer doesn’t review me?

What happens if the buyer just never reviews me?

I told myself to wait a little longer but I’m starting to get very curious as to how this might pan out.

Thank you!


Nothing happens.

not buyer is forced to rate their orders.

By the way, never ask to your clients to review their completed orders. You may get your account permanently closed because of this.

If they want to rate, they will. Simple like this.

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Buyers are on the platform looking to purchase your service. Once they receive their delivery they have no obligation to leave a review. It would be nice if all clients would leave reviews but that’s not the case.

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thanks for the tip, I was along the lines of sending them a friendly reminder to review but I see now that this would probably work against me.

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good to know thanks! I believe he liked the work I did for him and we communicated well, too bad :roll_eyes: