"Buyer has requested a revision" bar making it very hard to navigate


When I am viewing an order that has a message at the top, such as “Buyer has requested a revision,” this message bar gets in the way if I try to use any of the drop-down menus to navigate the site. It obscures some of the options and I can’t click on any options below it either. I’m forced to click on whatever I can so I can get to a different page where I can use the drop-down menu and actually navigate to the page I want to go to.


Try a different browser or use the ZOOM option of the page to either :mag: zoom in or out. That should take care of your issue.


You meant something like this?
(Or it’s just me facing this…:smiley:)


Yes. If there were a message at the top of that order, it would be hiding part of the menu you circled.


This is happening in both Chrome and Firefox.


Did you try zooming your page in or out?


I just tried that now. It doesn’t help as the message bar is still in the way.



Do you have the same plugins installed for BOTH chrome and firefox?


I don’t have IE. I don’t have any plugins enabled on my browsers.


Same was happening with me but now the problem is automatically solved for me…