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Buyer has sent an 'unsafe' file and is not responding to my messages

Hi there, I hope you have been doing well.

A need your suggestion on an issue I’m having with an order.

So, a buyer placed an order today and sent instructions (keywords and article outline) through a file. Now, there is this little note beside that file “potentially unsafe file.” I have told the buyer that I can’t open the file due to this issue, so send me instructions in the inbox. But he is not responding to any of my messages. I have to deliver this order the day after tomorrow. Should I take the risk and open the file? Has this ever happened to any of you? What’s the best possible solution to this problem? Thank you!


hi there,
This has never happened to me, but you can open the file, there will be no problem

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That is completely unhelpful, @rahim_photoshop.

If you feel uncomfortable about a file, then absolutely pay attention to that. Have you already reached out to CS?


I have not contacted CS yet. But asking them won’t help either. I have to deliver this order in 2 days, and they reply after 15 to 20 days.

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When was the last time you contacted them? (They seem to be catching up recently. At least a little.)

You could use the resolution center in the order page and ask for an extention.

Hey, you can use Windows Sandbox to open unsafe and untrusted files. The files opened in Sandbox will not effect any file on your computer


I would suggest to scan the file with an absurd number of programs, and then open it in Windows Sandbox as @hazel_justin131 said. If they are not responding, this could be a potential attempt to steal your information and then your Fiverr revenue through that information theft. I know I sound absolutely crazy, but it’s happened before. Be careful.


Also, just curious, what file extension is it? If it’s an .msi or .exe, those commonly get flagged, but you need to keep an eye out if it’s a common file (.pdf, .docx, .jpec, etc.)

Did you solve the situation? It’s really interesting!

Last time I contacted them in Oct. I’m glad to hear that they are catching up now. I need their assistance with another issue, as well.

Thank you so much for the great suggestion. I’ve never used Windows Sandbox before. But I guess its time to try it :slight_smile:

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The file extension is .docx

Lol. No, not yet. But I will update after resolving this issue

I said seem to be. This is not a guarantee, merely a conclusion based on observation of the forums. (People like to complain. The number of complaints is fewer. Hypothesis: the wait-time has been reduced, thus CS might be catching up.) I very well could be wrong.

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An easy way to keep youself safe if you REALLY want to open the file (still terrible idea if you ask me) is save it to your google docs rather than download it, and read it through Google. That way, it can’t hurt you, and if it is spam you can report the buyer.


Thanks everyone for your kind suggestions. So, this is what happened to the order.

Instead of sending me the file’s content as I had asked, the buyer sent that same ‘unsafe’ file in the inbox.

Fiverr removed that file instantly, blocked that buyer, and the order got canceled automatically.

I am so glad I avoided downloading the file even when it felt very tempting to download it with a single click and check the actual matter. PHEW, now I am going to contact CS and ask them to bring my ‘order completion’ rate back to normal. It wasn’t my fault I got an order from a scammer.

Thank you, guys!

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The reasons I was more suspicious of this order:

Buyer’s ID was new (made in Jan 2021).

It had zero seller reviews.

He said he needed this work ‘urgently.’

The profile was fake. Its location was of a Western country, and the timing was of an Eastern country. I have already dealt with such profiles twice, so coordination between time and area is the first thing I notice now. Please beware of such buyers!

Be sure to thank CS too, for being on your side concerning the suspicious file.