Buyer has submitted incomplete site. Please HELP!


A buyer ordered my gig which is of 1 Day period. The gig is about building a wordpress site. The name servers of domain is not yet pointing to the hosting and generally DNS change takes 24 hours. So what to do? order will take more than 24 hours but it is the buyer’s fault.


Communicate with your buyer. Let them know what issues you are having (that you cannot get started because…) and that it is out of your control. Let them know that you may need more than the 24 hour period to complete it for them.

If they are understanding and agree, deliver the order just to “stop the clock” and inform them of what you are doing. Let them know you will get right on their order as soon as you are able to.

If the buyer is unresponsive or not being cooperative, you may need to do a mutual cancellation or possibly get support involved if you and the buyer cannot settle it yourselves.


Reply to @arnevb: Thanks :slight_smile:


Here is the advice I’ll give you. If you are dealing with web projects and are dealing with DNS and Name servers which you know take 24 hours to propagate, it would be extremely wise to increase your lead time from 24 hours to say 4 days, this will then give you ample time to make any changes to DNS, do your work and deliver it to your buyer. I am a web developer and we all know that DNS updates can be frustrating. But coming from me as someone in your industry your lead time is unrealistic I wouldn’t say it’s the buyers fault, they might not understand DNS or how it works fully enough on a technical level.

Stopping the clock as @Prohelper27 said is not my preferred method of working with the buyer it CAN on occasion back fire on you. Work within a realistic time frame and you’ll be all good :smiley:


Reply to @ozzieuk: Great suggestion!