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Buyer hasn’t provided all the documents

Hey guys, idk if this is the right spot to post this but I have a buyer who requested I edit 10 short books for her. I told her it would take me 4 weeks to edit them, she has only provided 3 so far and we’re two weeks from the deadline. I sent her a message yesterday gently reminding her to provide the rest but haven’t hear back yet. I’m concerned because 1) the order wasn’t cheap and I don’t want her to feel ripped off, and 2) It getting close to the point where I won’t be able to do a quality job for her if I don’t receive them in the next day or so. (I can ask for an extension I guess) but I guess I’m just not sure of what to do if she doesn’t provide everything and doesn’t respond to my emails. What would you do?


Here’s a suggestion. A feature that you might not know of is that if you deliver the order, and the buyer requests a revision, even if it’s late, it won’t mark it as late because even though it shows up as late on your profile it won’t affect anything and it will be like it never was late. That is because Fiverr only counts the time until the first delivery, revisions don’t count.

Obviously this doesn’t answer your question. Deliver the 3 short books and let her know that you still need the other 7. Also let her know that Fiverr automatically makes the order completed in 3 days if the buyer doesn’t respond. That way, you don’t have to worry about it being late or anything! :slight_smile:

Hope this helps! :wink:


But doesn’t the revision only give me 24 hours to revise? Or are you saying, I can take however long and it won’t count against me?

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I dislike Buyers who don’t pay attention to the Fiverr timer.

I would request a time extension and go from there.


Not that anyone cares but I wanna be annoyed for a minute, today after having requested an extension and it lapsing, I submitted a cancellation request because I just morally can’t charge her a large amount of money and not deliver the whole shebang. I guess that got her attention, she declined the cancellation and sent me a message that was like “Sorry, I’ve been busy, we can extend for 30 days”, okay cool, I respond “That’s fine, please just confirm the extension for x amount of days and send me the rest of the materials.” and she just didn’t respond, I feel trapped by this buyer.

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That still sucks.

I hope you have other work to keep you busy so you don’t end up just working on this “difficult” project.

Thanks. I do have other work that I’ve been working on, but I guess I just feel like I have this project looming over my head haha. Hopefully tomorrow she’ll send everything and accept the extension.

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What a PITA

This is why I don’t start a job until EVERYTHING needed is present and accounted for. If they want to buy Mixing for 10 Songs, they send me 10 Zip files (one per song) or I am not starting as almost every time the last ones never come over then they start trying to get discounts and other unconscionable behaviors that make you look like the bad guy (or gal) in the situation when they failed in their duty to the job.

I have one right now in another place where I mixed the song based on what the client sent. They chose not to send some things not vital to the job so I assumed they didn’t think I needed them or want me to work from them (their Rough Mix and Tempo). Now they are trying to say I didn’t follow their wants and timing on their vocal parts is wrong therefore I need to fix it. I am a Mix Engineer (not an Editor or Tape Op) and so work from what is sent. With a singer who sells their work, I would assume they have their timing right - or as they want it (BTW there is nothing wrong with timing so I didn’t fail to flag a problem). Oh, and I had a fussy guitarist friend listen to my mix and he was blown away with it so nothing is very wrong.

Also, the red flags were that they clearly never fully read what I sent them; just did stuff on their “feelings”.

My silly for trying to help someone by offering Creative work at 1/6th of the carded rate (with no revisions). I only found out they offer their singing for more than I offer my mixing after the “kind” offer. Being a seller is fine but not if they sell for $200 but cry poor at mixing time and will only spend $25 for a gig that is $150 (then behave badly).

I have to learn not to be kind to people as they abuse that.


Yeah, I don’t typically start the work prior to receiving everything, but she sent part of it and said she was going to send the rest the same day and didn’t. Ultimately, I lost like an hour or two of time so I’m not worried about it.

She sent me a message this morning saying, that she would send me the books by the 31st, and we can decide how much time I need then and that she suggest we remain flexible on both ends and in the meantime, she can look over the work I’ve already done. I responded telling her I have been flexible, I have sent you several messages that you haven’t responded to and in any case, you still need to accept my time request extension because the deadline is approaching and it will affect my business if its late through no fault of my own and that if she didn’t I would request to cancel the order. I also told her that I would not be sending any work to her until she sends me the remaining books as this protects my work and as a general rule it prevents a seller from doing work and then the buyer canceling the order and running off with the work.

I said it as politely but firmly I could but I’m sure she’s gonna be unhappy but like come on, you have been difficult, you haven’t responded to me, I have requested an extension like 3 times and you’ve just ignored it, and you declined my request to cancel. I just want her to go away at this point.

As I wrote in a another thread; once a leopard, always spotty.

I finally worked out what my painful person wanted once I could move them from sending stream of consciousness videos and write simple sentences stating exact issues. Like you, I question if I will work with them again, esp for low $$ when they are demanding even when being done a favor.

Once a leopard, Always spotty