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Buyer hasn't accepted revision, what now?

Hi I’m new to Fiverr (just over a month). So far I’ve had 27 5 star reviews, I’ve delivered to my latest buyer twice but he’s said he’s unhappy. He’s been slow to reply each time and his last reply left me just a few minutes on the clock. However his message said he’d have to find a new seller to do the job for him. The timer finished counting down, but now it’s counting down from 24 hours again and says ‘YOUR BUYER REQUESTED A REVISION’. I’ve spoken to him and he said he’s new to the site so isn’t sure what’s meant to happen either. Do one of us have to cancel this? Also because he hasn’t accepted my revision will there be any record of this on my stats? I’m disappointed as I really go the extra mile with every one of my buyers, but I’m also aware that you can’t please everyone.


No problem. You got a chance. Give your best to the work & deliver modified work within 24 hours and see what happens

If you are sure in the quality of your work and you’ve done everything promised in your gig, just deliver it. Before doing that make sure you are able to prove that your work was 100% complete.
At the same time, be ready to get a low review (and never dispute it in order to avoid warnings). When he leaves a bad review, you will be able to post a short reply under it. It’s not the end of life, and such buyers, unfortunately, will come once in a while.
There are many buyers, who want to get free work by using these methods.
By canceling several orders in a row you can easily damage your gig position.

I have delivered twice and he’s not been happy. He’s said he wants to look elsewhere now so I don’t want to deliver again and annoy him, as he has been reasonable talking to me. Should I just let the timer run out if cancelling isn’t a good idea?

In this case, just open Resolution Center and choose “Ask the buyer to cancel the order”.
You won’t get any bad review, but your Completion Rate will be lower (depending on the total number of your orders during the last 60 days).

Not really. Even though you are not limited in time, there will be a moment when the buyer can cancel a very late order and Fiverr will automatically give you 1-star review.


Thanks for that advice. I’ve just submitted a case in the resolution centre. As he was pretty decent about it, I’m hoping I won’t get a 1 star review :crossed_fingers:

You did the work, you deserve to get paid for it. It doesn’t matter if the buyer says he’s going to “look elsewhere”. He hired you – he is required to pay for his service. Keep saying no and declining any cancellation requests. And if he keeps demanding revisions, and there is nothing you can revise (or you don’t offer additional revisions), just redeliver your latest final delivery, and keep doing so as long as he keeps trying to take advantage of you.

He chose to hire you, you delivered his work, and now he wants to take advantage of you. Stand tall, say no, and don’t let him cheat you out of the revenue you clearly earned.


I have put a cancellation request now, but now you point this out you do make complete sense. I guess I’ll just have to bear this in mind if I’m in a similar situation again.

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I wouldn’t cancel.

Offer to do it again.

I unfortunately did cancel. I’ve only been using Fiverr a couple of weeks, so didn’t have enough information on what to do in this situation.

Thanks everyone for the replies, all noted for next time.

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dear best option is to deliver it again within 24 hours count. Wait for the buyers reply and be more polite with the buyer as some times we both seller and buyer are not wrong its just that we cannot understand each others logic clearly. Explain your buyer what you designed and how it will boost his or her business. Patience is key this is the most common experience we all sellers face :slight_smile: don’t disappoint give your buyer and yourself a chance again. Best of luck.