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Buyer hasn't responded once, I don't know what to do

I have completed a few orders already (15), and this order has me stumped. They have ordered a 1000 word article to be delivered in 48 hours, but in the information when ordering, they barely filled it in, leaving me with no information.

For example, when I asked about the topic of the article and what information they would like me to use, all that they typed was ‘Considering a vacation? Here are some tips to get you there’. This simple statement has such a wide branch of things to write about, and yet when I sent a message, 18 hours later, I have still received nothing from them. I have no way to start this order because they have left it so unspecific, and even if I do, I am worried they will leave a negative review for it not being what they wanted,

I’ve requested extended time, but if the buyer doesn’t come online or respond or even accept the extension, I don’t know what to do. I am worried about this affecting my scores on Fiverr. I have delivered every order and on time up until now, and don’t want all of this effort to go down the drain so soon.

Thank you for anybody that can help.



I would suggest that you contact Fiverr’s customer support team ASAP and ask for an extension as there’s no guarantee that your buyer will respond to your request in time (although I hope they do). It’s always a good idea to keep CS in the loop in situations such as this.

Worst case scenario: if your buyer doesn’t reposnd in time, and you are left without a clue on how to proceed, DO NOT wait until your order runs out of time. In such situations, the smartest thing you can do is cancel the order before the order runs out of time as a late delivery is a lot more harmful.

Also, since you haven’t really received clear instructions from your buyer, I would suggest that you do not just write something that you think is relevant to the vague topic/title that your buyer gave you. Chances are your buyer might leave a negative review. It’s better to not deliver anything at all in such situations and rather cancel the order before it runs out of time.

Also, if at all you decide to cancel the order, contact CS directly and ask them to cancel the order for you (instead of requesting for a cancelation through the resolution centre).


Thank you so much for the help! I appreciate the quick response greatly, it’s definitely set my mind to rest.


I would just use this as a writing prompt and write what comes to mind. If they request a revision, so be it


You’re welcome. :slight_smile: :smiley:

No need to cancel the gig, you can extend the delivery time in the resolution center, when you do that you can send a message to the buyer and ask for the infos needed.

You probably missed it, but the OP was wondering what to do in case the buyer doesn’t respond in time. :arrow_down:


Yes I missed it, however I think he shouldn’t worry about the late status now the buyer need to make the next move, give all the details needed or cancel.
The sad part that you’ll get bad stats for late delivery but at least you can send a notification to the buyer.

The problem with that is that as soon as the order runs out of time and is late, the buyer can just cancel the order (without the seller’s permission), and Fiverr WILL post an automatic 1-star review on the seller’s profile.

So, it is NEVER a good idea to just wait for the order to go late. Or you risk getting an automatic 1-star review from Fiverr.

Some buyers (who harbor negative intentions/have no intentions of providing the additional information the seller is missing) have been known to take advantage of such sellers who just keep “waiting” (for the additional information from buyers) until the order goes late only to have the order canceled and Fiverr post an automatic 1-star review on the seller’s profile.