Buyer hasn't reviewed my Gig


A buyer who hasn’t rated you for a job completed over 6 months now, could he still be able to rate you right now?


Short Answer: NO. Now close this Thread. :joy:


You know, your text response alongside with the smiley don’t really go together in harmony.

Thanks anyway for the info.


Well they perfectly match if you look from the Funny point of view. If i want i can provide you the detailed information. But i picked the short version.


Unfortunately, after 30 days the buyer - me, can no longer review.


Okay dear, thank you very much.


i thing it’s 15 days to put to reviews on sale otherwise buyer wont have any option to leave review on you job… but if your buyer really wanna appreciate you by his view after a long time he can contact CS and ask there… they should/must help him/her


Thanks sir. I’ll try that 'cause I really need reviews now am just starting out.

Thank you.


ask you buyer to give you a favor and contact CS for you and your great service so that you can promote your selling career…


If you mean that you will message a buyer who ordered from you 6 months ago and ask him to contact Customer Support, keep in mind that he might just ignore you, or, worse, contact Customer Support, but only to complain that you’re spamming him.


You are giving wrong advice.

As I stated above you, the buyer has 30 days to leave review not 15. Trust me, I’m an avid buyer - I know what I’m talking about.

@yteam130, do not contact your buyer or customer support about this. Just like catwriter said, it’s been too long.

Work on getting new customers.


i totally disagree with this so you don’t contact your buyer.
why i ask why???
but here is my think to contact both of them… because i worked hard for buyer so review is my rights that’s why i should asked to my buyer if he/she don’t give review even negative depend on his/her experience with you. also if you need to contact fiverr CS never hesitate because we give then 20% service charges they are here for supporting us.

and i am sorry if it’s 30 days to leave review (as i said very beginning i think.)


Enjoy getting reported for spam then, and ignore the advice of people who know.

The review is NOT your right. It is the prerogative of the buyer. Try reading the TOS, it’s full of useful bits of information like this.

Nice knowing you!


Yeah… that’s the problem… You work hard “for” buyer[quote=“syedarifiqbal, post:12, topic:113761”]
i worked hard for buyer

but @gina_riley2 and me… all other professional sellers work “with” the buyers. Am i right @gina_riley2 ? :innocent: If they want to leave the review, they will do that. They know how Fiverr works.


I’m with you @iamsachmusic.

I know some buyers may have a superiority complex but those are difficult ones. I like to work with my sellers. :grinning:


I wouldn’t be surprised if any buyer reading this decides that working with you would be way too annoying because they can expect to be spammed with demands for a review, and chooses someone else.


Last time i checked it was 30 days before the option to rate is removed from the completed order.


No, after completed the task automatically, buyer able to rate you within a month. after a month later buyer can’t rate you :slight_smile:


That is very rude… it doesn’t have to be that way, you could just say NO and if you are kind enough direct the person to links that might explain or leave it and others will reply to him/her.


Well then you need to read the first reply. Don’t speak before knowing nothing. No one is rude here… it just the way you see… I can’t change it!!