Buyer hasn't submitted information


What’s up Fiverr friends?

I just have a quick question about someone ordering a gig but not supplying the information to get started.

Do I have to cancel this transaction now or will it just be pending until the end of time?

Thanks in advance!



It Could Have Been an Accidental Order, the potential customer may have visited your page and may not really be aware that they had accidentally ordered … It has happened to me a couple of times and at first i didnt really realise that i was charged and i had to humbly tell them the truth …I apologies, but, I accidentally ordered … Please CANCEL Order!


Try to reach out to the buyer before you decide to cancel. I’ve had a few buyers who ordered a Gig, but got caught up in something else before they could send details. Possibly the buyer forgot to send you a message. Who knows?

I’ve also had buyers who vanished completely after ordering a Gig. [=

Just give it some time to hear a response for them, a day or so (assuming you have a decent return time for your orders).

If the clock is close to running out, or you wouldn’t have enough time to complete the order even if the buyer did get in touch with you, then I would put through a mutual cancellation request. If the buyer really has disappeared, then the mutual cancellation will automatically be accepted in two days, and there will be no harm to your profile rating.

Whatever you do, don’t let the Gig run late waiting to hear from your buyer. It’s not worth it.

I hope that helps!


Cool, thanks Maddison for the detailed response (I’m assuming that is your name based on your username).

The clock doesn’t start until the buyer submits their info for the order ,so I’m thinking it will just remain pending until the information is sent.

We’ll see what happens I’ve had a long hiatus from Fiverr ,so I am trying to figure out if anything is different.

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Thank you for the info- I appreciate it. Everything is solved now!


Reply to @madmoo: This inspired me to request a cancellation on a year-old order. I did not expect the giant, red L A T E in the countdown clock. Kind of unsettling. :slight_smile:


Reply to @lenora_love: Awesome thank you!


Your Welcome :slight_smile: … I am curious, would you. please share? … What happen? … Did the customer end up ordering or was it an accidental? … This happens alot! :slight_smile:


Reply to @lenora_love: He ended up ordering after I contacted him. Everything was alright in the end and I’m pretty sure it can just pend forever if not taken care of until you contact a Fiverr customer rep.


I am new to all of this. I have a Buyer who keeps sending me emails with audio links asking if I can transcribe them and how long it will take. I have responded to them but they have not placed an “order”. Do I open the files without having an order? I have received 5 files so far. I don’t want to lose a potential customer but I don’t want to open any questionable files either. Any suggestions?


I have this problem today!

I think this person is trying to scam me and not very nice either. Told me they expect this done today. Well, you might have ordered, but you did not complete the requirements. They just sent me a message telling to post a screen shot and it get done today. I am not doing this gig till they follow instructions. I really have a bad feeling on this order to be honest with you.

Update: NOW I know why, cause they want me to order a product then review it. I do not order products and the thing is $25. I cancelled it even though they did not complete the order


Reply to @tlhblalock: If you haven’t already, simply remind them how long it will take and tell them to place the order - then you’ll be happy to complete the work.

You don’t want to lose a potential customer, but think about how much time you want to put in compared to how much you’re actually going to get paid. If they haven’t ordered, don’t do any work.


Reply to @kara007: At least it’s cancelled now. Move on. :slight_smile:


Oh yes!! And thank goodness!! I have others waiting :slight_smile: