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Buyer have paid $45 but total is $41 - $4


Buyer have paid $45 but total is $41.

I had contacted fiverr support at October 12, 2016 16:30 but nothing.



This looks like a random display error. The banner at the top says you have earned $36 - which is the correct amount on a $45 order. That’s the most important factor, if you’re receiving the correct funds and it looks like you are.

Have you double checked the amounts via the revenues page?




From your screenshot, they added the $5 extra after ordering the main gig. In this case, the revenues page will show the order as 2 separate clearing amounts.

This would be $32 for the main $40 order and $4 for the later added extra.


"From your screenshot, they added the $5 extra after ordering the main gig."
no $5 isn’t added after the ordering.


here it is another order with the same condition.
but the amount is correct


this is not for the $4 but i have 2 month to waiting fiverr to resolve this .
I love to work in fiverr but this is not good…
and I am very disappointed


Apologies, from your screenshot the $40 was added later. Its still the same situation though. As an extra was added after the order it shows as a separate amount in revenues. So your revenues should have 32 and 4.

I understand your frustration because it’s always worrying to see lesser amounts but in this case it does look like a display error on the gig page whilst the revenues page has the correct clearing


Perhaps you are right ,thanks, but my request in Customer Support is already open (I have sent it 2 months ago) and the last message is : “Our technical team are still working on this issue for you. We do apologize for the inconvenience. Once we have word, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.”

Needed to post in forum for this answer?
So it’s a Bug …