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Buyer haven't left requirements

I have 2 orders on my profile where there isn’t enough information filled by the buyer to get started and are marked as Incomplete.

I contacted Fiverr Support and they say we would cancel it and it won’t affect your statistics .

Any suggestions, Should I cancel them would it really wont affect my profile.


I will probably wait and I had 4 orders like that and buyers always come back and they did so it’s worth to wait and CS was right it won’t affect your statistics but it’s up to you.

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You should not initiate the cancellation. Ask Customer Service to do so since the buyer did not provide the requirements needed. If you initiate the cancellation, chances are, you will take a hit to your completion rate.

I have a few orders dating back 8 years where people forgot to fill in the requirements portion of the order. I just let sleeping dogs lie. That means, I have just left them alone.