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Buyer Having Issues Downloading Files Delivered

Hello and thank you in advance for reading my post. My client is having difficulty downloading the files delivered. The files are MS Word docs and a PP.

The suggestions I gave are: (1) try a different browser and (2) clear cache.

He has not specified it he can get a few to download and not others.

I also said he may need to contact support. As a seller, we cannot troubleshoot what is happening right? Unless you are there and see what happens it is rather a challenge to figure out.

Is placing the files in Dropbox advisable since the order is complete, I was tipped and the client left a 5 star review?

Thank you.

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Your role is to deliver the required work, not teaching someone how to download. You did absolutely correct by saying

If you still want to help the seller, you can deliver the files via DropBox and Google Drive. And tell them to let you know that they have downloaded the files so you can remove them just for safety and privacy purpose. That is what I do sometimes if the buyer was not able to download the files.

Note: Make sure to confirm that they are on a desktop or laptop when they are downloading.

BTW, Congratulations on the tip and the 5 stars. :star2: :star:


Give him a link to the files in dropbox. And DO NOT remove them after you send the link. You may need proof you did not send an empty delivery so leave the files in dropbox.

Funny he would leave the 5 star review if he can’t even see the files but even so send a link to the files on dropbox.


Upload the file on Dropbox or online drive and give him the download link…