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Buyer having trouble uploading a Word file - any suggestions?

I have a buyer who has tried multiple times to upload a Word document, but I see nothing on my end. I have had no issues receiving Word files from other buyers. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be on the buyer’s end, or an alternate suggestion for receiving the file since email is prohibited?

The buyer has been trying to attach it via the conversation option, not the option after ordering a gig, which has worked fine for me so far and the way I have received all my jobs. The gig has not actually been ordered yet because the buyer wanted me to look over the size of the job first.

Please tell buyer to clear the cache and browser cookies first. After that tell buyer to try again. If isn’t work try to uploaded through dropbox, email or other communication or file sharing method.


Reply to @rocks_design: Thank you, I will do that. I thought communicating via email was prohibited?

Communicating via email is prohibited, but he could upload to dropbox and send you the link. Or, if possible, he could try scanning the text and attaching a jpeg, that’s how one buyer who had a similar problem when sending Word document to me solved it.