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Buyer having unlimted revisions?


in very short, i’ve given my buyer 4 revisions and it’s clearly written 4revisions until now but he is having unlimited revisions and he is NOT shy to click that revision button

How come he gets unlimited revisions like that eventhough i gave him only 4 ?

thanks :slight_smile:


Hi, @voxelize

Well if you have mentioned in the request that you will offer only 4 revisions then you can say that to your buyer ( in very polite way ) that we committed for 4 revisions and if you want further changes then you have to pay extra for that… but if you wanna make good relation with him/her then you can give revisions until his satisfaction so that they further work with you again … Decision is your’s…!!:slightly_smiling_face:


HI @voxelize

if you face any problem then contact support asap hope will get best result


The number of revisions you set is purely informational - it does not prevent buyers from clicking the “request revision” button endlessly.

That’s because Fiverr has not implemented any means of limiting the use of that button, so buyers can use it as much as they want.

Once again, the number of revisions is just an informative indication for potential buyers who look at your gig page to know how many revisions you provide - but if the buyer doesn’t look at your gig page, or if they make a passion for that button, then unfortunately you cannot control its use, misuse and abuse :frowning:

You can, however, send the buyer a screenshot of your gig page that shows the number of revisions allowed :wink:


Hi, thanks for you reply but the revisions i give the Buyer is purely informational i can not agree on that ^^
i did have Revision button abusers many time but when the number of revisions is met They seem not to be able to ask for revision so they message me saying what they need instead of clicking the revision button

i just need confirmation about the information of the Number of revisions is purely informational is that a fact ?



If you need confirmation, just ask Customer Support, they will tell you the same thing, because I have asked them and many have asked them the same thing before countless times.

Even the forum has many people asking why buyers can still click the req. modification button even if they don’t offer revisions or even if they offer a limited number - it’s set in stone for now, nothing you can do about it except adapt until Fiverr decides to change the way it works :wink:

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