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Buyer help question


Hi everyone. I used fiverr for the first time last week to buy a web scraping job. The work went through a number of revisions due to very obvious mistakes or areas where the work didn’t meet the order requirements.

The seller persevered and eventually delivered the product. It looked like it worked and I approved. Honestly part of me felt bad that I was making him make so many revisions, even though it wasn’t just me being fickle.

So after using the program on a few pages it turned out there was a fundamental flaw in the program I didn’t pick up during testing. Now the seller won’t reply to me anymore.

I’ve submitted a help ticket but I just wanted to ask if anyone else has experienced this, and what will likely happen to my order? I paid a fair bit of money for this and would be very disappointed if the seller can just get away with this.



I am sorry this happened to you.

Correct me if I am wrong, but it looks like this seller did not deliver a product as was promised/advertised in the offer/gig, right?

Be sure to explain this to CS and, if you want to, you can ask them to cancel the order and refund your money. I would also suggest that you upload relevant files/screenshots to your help ticket as proof to show the seller’s fundamental flaw in the product.

I think it might be better if you were to conduct a more exhaustive/thorough test of your product before posting a review. Prospective buyers of this seller deserve a heads up, don’t they? :slight_smile: After all, buyers have plenty of time (10 days after order completion) to post a review. So, no hurry. :slight_smile:


I’d think if you’ve explained it to CS and the buyer isn’t replying and you haven’t received what was asked for, CS would refund it if it doesn’t do what was specified. eg. if it’s something major.

Did you ask the seller to do web scraping of a site’s pages and deliver you the data eg. as CSV files or did you ask the seller to deliver you a script/program to do it or both? And can you say what the fundamental flaw is? If you have the script is it something that could easily be fixed by looking through it? Does it access the right pages but not get the right data from them or not get it correctly?


If you marked the order complete perhaps you should consider just leaving an honest review. That would tell other buyers what you experienced. I am not sure from your post that the seller did put forth his best effort even if you didn’t like the end result. Since you submitted a ticket, though, it’s possible that Support will refund you.


Thanks for the reply!


Thanks for the reply. Irregardless of the situation i wish he would at least face up to the situation and talk to me.