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Buyer here- I thought Level One meant "top" (better than level two)

Hi. I was searching for help with a product, and I assumed Level 1 was the highest level. So I was searching for Level 1 sellers when I thought - maybe that’s not right.

It took a long time for me to find a description of what Level 1 and Level 2 mean - the Glossary page just says that levels exist, not what they actually mean.

I eventually found the answer and I was surprised that Level 2 is higher than Level 1. I’m sure many people get this right away, but to me, “Number One” or “First” signals the highest achievement, while “Number Two” or “second” is the next best thing to Number One.

I don’t think this is a big problem if you just add a hover box to the “Level” selection option in the Search function - the hover box need only say something to the effect of Level Two being better than Level One.


Top sellers will have either a TRS and or PRO tag attached to their gigs. There was a discussion about this some time ago related to the confusion in regards to numbered levels but it has since vanished. A simple explanation would be nice but with all the changes being made to better the site, this might not come any time soon; but one can hope.

You’re not alone in that. Some sellers here on the forum have been asking for a revamping of the level names in a way that is intuitively clear for everyone but the suggestions apparently weren’t taken seriously which is a problem not just for buyers who make an unintended decision, and especially for level 2 sellers, obviously, and will affect them like forever as the mass of sellers will stay at level 2.

It might help Fiverr to see this when buyers themselves post about this like you did, thank you.


I was thinking same like this.

Is it just me, or does the level 2 symbol look even worse (as in might make people think, 2 is lower than 1) against Level 1 on phone, compared to desktop?

Spontaneously, if you didn’t know better (from being a seller or staff at Fiverr and knowing the ins and outs, or from having searched for information like OP), what would you think is better = the higher level of the two?

image level2 (desktop)

level1phone level_2 (phone)

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I always thought the level 2 logo looked better cuz the color looks more elegant and rich. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I don’t really like the color of the level 1 logo… Looks kinda washed out imo… That’s probably just me or…? :smiley:

Well, personally, I like teal/turquoise, any colour to do with blue and green basically :wink: (though I like the magenta-purple tinge of the level 2 as well) but it’s not about the colour here, it’s about the number, the number 2 somehow looks, well, no. 2, you know, not no. 1.

The suggestion to add a tool-tip or something that at least shows everyone the level “ranking” on hovering or such is good, either way, or a revamp to Bronze > Silver > Gold perhaps.
One day, when the more important issues and bugs are dead and someone’s bored with the UI. :wink:


The reason I mentioned the color was cuz — if I were to look at the 2 logos for the first time, their color would’ve been the first thing I’d have noticed right off the bat. Not the number inside it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But yeah, I agree. I can see why some buyers get confused by that.

As of right now, I may not be able to make an impartial decision about the 2 logos (having already been acquainted with Fiverr’s “levels system”). But if I didn’t know any better, I would have probably thought 1 was better than 2.

Like you already mentioned — It would be wonderful if a small tool-tip popped up with the relevant information when hovering the mouse pointer over the level badges. That would be awesome!