Buyer hit revision button 4 days after delivery-order says LATE-to ask question?


I just had a buyer hit the revision button 4 days after delivery, just to ask a dumb question.

There were big red letters saying LATE. In my years here I’ve only seen that word on my gigs a very few times.

How does this affect my gigs or rank? Why do they allow this-- to have a buyer use the revision button 4 days after the delivery and then mark my order late?


It could be a bug. I saw someone complain that, 84 hours after delivery, the order still wasn’t marked as complete.


It doesn’t. It no longer measures it as ‘late’ after you have hit the delivery button. It is just a visual notification.


Thanks for the answer. It’s good to know.


It’s true. It’s terribly ugly and irritating to look at, but as far as I can tell, it affects nothing (my LATE orders at the moment are the same as yours, or from Messiahs who disappear with a little questioning. Funny, that)


It’s Fiverr’s scare tactic to make sellers frantic to fix problems immediately and keep buyers. Same with all the other “helpful” passive-aggressive notes on the site: “Don’t cancel – your ratings!” “Don’t waste time reading this message, deliver NOW.” eye roll Do buyers deal with this kind of thing?


That doesn’t affect your gig and rank. Only bad reviews and refunds can affect you.


I have faced this so many times. I don’t think it will affect our gigs or future sells.