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Buyer: How do we get quality work promoting our deals?

We joined Fiverr about 6 months ago. I actually personally convinced my boss it would be better to spend a small amount of our advertising/marketing budget for on Fiverr because it is so cheap. We purchased a few gigs and WOW we had some good results as far as exposure/service. Of course shortly after that we had a run of horrible gigs. We are not so much concerned about the lack of sales because that is not really our issue, we completely understand that you will not get immediate direct sales from all gigs, however we do want Quality work and Honest work.

So we have the following questions and concerns. We have purchased gigs, and we have posted in the requested gig section to try to get quality gigs that understand we want REAL advertising or services, not bots or whatever many of the services that responded are. We would literally get tons of request but most of them are just some type of Spam or Low Quality service that might just respond to ever request.

So we have tried it both ways! Now we ask what is the best way to get quality gigs, or to post a requested gig and not just get what seems like automated responses? We are promoting Deals or more defined $1.00 items. We are a relatively new popular established Corporation so we don’t want cheesy work, or some of the below the belt type stuff we seem to be offered more and more. I personally think it may have something to do with all the Newer sellers that seem to be replacing the older sellers.

BTW we still really like Fiverr because compared to most of our major campaigns that cost who knows what, we can get some good additional exposure at a low cost, and we have met some interesting people. We just hope we can get at least a good gig out of every 2 gigs.

Want quality traffic? Real and targeted? You’re in the wrong place. Want anything else? Fiverr is probably the best place to get it from.

You could try searching for gigs that offer genuine marketing services instead of gigs that promise a fixed number of “real human visitors” and you might have better luck.

Reply to @xpertmarketer: To be honest we just ignore the will give you x-number of visitors, etc. We like traffic from Blogs, Social Media, Forums, etc. Basically we look for unique gigs. The first thing we learned was all that 10000 - 1000000 visitors stuff was bogus, and we wouldn’t really want the low quality traffic anyway.

BTW we read about some guy that just purchased 500 gigs, we wish we could do that and more. Thanks or responding, I’m sure we will figure it out. I just hope that is before my boss pulls the plug.

Thanks Again!

This is the major problem of Fiver.There is a way to find out a creative and responsive worker on fiver.You have to notice that the seller who can do your work shortly according to your acceptation he is the real guy and the another matter you have to notice that the seller who will do your work according your payment he is the real worker.

I think of Fiverr as providing micro jobs. If you are willing to produce/manage the project yourself and utilize multiple providers on Fiverr, Fiverr will really work well. You may find turn-key solutions on Fiverr, but the management of the project is the expensive part. Having multiple promotional videos pointed to the website might be just a small piece of the SEO puzzle. You may hire a script writer, voice over artist, a video producer and a blogger. On Fiverr you could afford hire 4 of each. Now you have a temporary creative team of 16 people who delivered concepts in under a week. Your presentation of the ideas and concepts at the board meeting will be out of control!