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Buyer ignore and then marked order as complete

I has strange buyer, who ordered without reading gig description (but anyway i handled it and done job good)
Then he saw my sample with watermark, and said “That’s nice, send me one more thing”
I sent delivery with this bonus “one more thing”
Then buyer dissapeared and when he go online sometimes - no respond
Then he marked order as completed without any review after 2 days
What this mean, he liked result or not?
Or needs to wait cancellation or something like bad review after?

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Don’t worry… The order is automatically completed in 3 days when the buyer do not complete or do not request any revision.

Your order is automatically completed by fiverr. Don’t worry!

Good Luck! :+1:

But it says that the buyer marked order as complete, not a Fiverr

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Maybe the buyer has completed the order but forgot to leave a review. You can message the buyer and talk about this.

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No, i dont wanna annoying him, coz i already leaved message after i sent delivery, and buyer ignored that…
Ok, thanks
I hope nothing bad will happen

It comes in popup that Buyer marked order check real notification there will be marked automatically complete. I guess there is no way to complete order without review or may be its a new feature but it was not there.

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No, Just don’t worry :+1: nothing bad will happen :slight_smile:

I guess it’s real
Notification says: “buyername” marked your order as complete

I already was in similar situation when buyer dissapear, he don’t saw my delivery and go offline (forever)
And then notification says: “buyername” order was automatically marked as complete
Its looks like the buyer was don’t care about delivery and money, lol

Basically some people don’t like to leave a review and we should also respect them for this because there view can be like this work is worth 3 star of 4 star so rather he thinks not to leave a feedback.

Its better to keep money and your orders complete are growing though :slight_smile: So, don’t think that much


This is Fiverr, not the buyer. As said before, this is an automatic notification you received. The buyer did not mark the order complete, but the notification says the buyer’s name as in they actually did something. Don’t worry, this is totally normal. So, no. There is no mysterious buyer who comes back to only complete the order.

EDIT: I may need to correct my previous comment, as it’s being reported that Fiverr may have updated this feature.
Here is the link to the thread that is discussing this issue: Anyone else notice?

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Don’t cancel the order . if you cancel the order then your job complete rate will decrease .

Don’t worry about this.
That’s happened a few times to me too.

When a buyer is happy, he do not take the time to complete the order each time. but if he’s unhappy, be sure he will rate your service for sure.
So, automatic or manual completion, it’s not so important in this case. You had no cancellation, it’s the most important :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess some buyers are not keen on leaving a review especially if they are satisfied with your work. If the buyer was unhappy he:laughing: would surely comment on that and leave a bad review.

Nothing bad will happen. My first buyer didn’t leave any feedback.

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Actually, buyers tend to leave a review if they ARE very satisfied.

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Not always. I have got 2 repeated buyers who ordered works from me several times. If they were unhappy they wouldn’t have ordered work for the 2nd time or the 3rd time. Sometimes they mark the order as completed 2 days later after delivery or the order gets marked by fiverr. (maybe too busy to come online?!)

I panicked at first but since they ordered several times afterwards I stopped worrying about it!

Hello, people, 12 months have passed, it makes no sense to answer here to anyone. I am sure that all who wrote here 12 months ago - already solved this problem!