Buyer ignored gig title and description and refuses to mutually cancel!


I’m resigned to the fact that not everyone will read the whole gig descriptions but this person’s profile claims they’re United States based so their english should be fine. The gig title specifies that it is for forum posts, which are short and interactive. I have a different gig for blog comments - less comments in that gig because blog comments take more reading and more time to craft well written and relevant comments.

They ordered the forum gig for blog comments. I hit the mutual cancellation button - apologized, told them they had ordered the wrong gig for blog comments. If they order the correct gig, I’m happy to do the blog comments. They declined the mutual cancellation.

This is extremely frustrating. It makes me want to scream. Why do people do this? And what can I as a seller do about it?


Hey… One doubt…? Is both “forum gig” and “blog gig” have same price tag?

If yes, cant you just do what he wants even though its not the right gig…? am I making any sence?

If the price tag is different just ask for a extra pay by choosing a gig extra…!

Hope this helps… :)>-


The forum gig is for 25 short 50-100 word posts on one forum. The blog comment gig is for 10 comments that are in-depth, relevant, and contribute positively. There are fewer because it’s more than just “good post.” It takes longer to read blog posts and craft relevant comments that add value to the blog than it takes to jot down fast responses in forums. They are not the same thing.


Reply to @mystkyn: You can still do what @inkbridge suggests. Provide the 10 comments and when you deliver explain again that they ordered the wrong gig, so you are delivering what they paid for. Be polite, but keep it direct - no need to create more misunderstanding.

It’s likely that since they aren’t paying that much attention, they’ll just accept the gig and move on. Good luck!


Good point… I created a post in suggestion box section… I think fiverr should think about it seriously.