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Buyer ignores gig description and demands something not offered

Hi! I’m new to the forum. This is the second time I have this happened. A buyer places an order and demands something that is completely beyond the scope of the gig (and that is way more demanding and expensive that what he actually purchased) In spite of everything being very clearly stated in the gig description and picture. I suspect he does it on purpose to take advantage of sellers, if I cancel the order I get penalized without having done anything wrong… and if I deliver what he actually ordered, he threatens with a bad review, which would also be quite detrimental.

What should I do?


Contact customer support, They are the best option according my knowledge!

Send the buyer a custom offer for the added work. Yes, he may cancel, or give you a bad review. However, if you start down the path to appease these kinds of buyers they will tell their friends that you are a pushover.

If you have an outcome that hurts your stats, that is the way it will have to be. Remember, if you get a bad review, you get to tell your side of the story when you review the buyer. When other buyers see this they will not try to get more than what they paid for. Plus, if the buyer forces the issue you can say he tried to get additional work for free from you in the review that appears on his profile page.

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That is generally good advice, but CS is taking up to 10 days to reply because of the pandemic. :mask:

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Yes, If we are lucky, you even get the reply within 24 hours too. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer Vicky. It makes sense but it’s just a shame that there’s no way out of that without getting penalized for something I have no fault in the first place. I tried contacting CS before, but they take way to long, and by then the damage is already done :frowning: It’s quite frustrating