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Buyer ignores my messages

A buyer made me write 1 out of 4 texts for them and then marked the order as incomplete. I told them I will write the other 3 texts when they send me the required information but they dont send me any information and ignore my messages while the order is still incomplete and a few days late by now. They are online but don’t reply to me so that I cannot finish the order. What should I do?


its unfair. they should be honest and reply.
matter must be bring in notice of fiver team


Take screenshots of everything, and contact CS.


How did you deliver the 1st text to them?

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I sent it officially via the “deliver order” function and told them I will of course send them the other texts as well once I have the information I need. Then they requested a revision saying “not yet delivered all” and ignored me since then.

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Then the order is not “incomplete”. Your delivery is incomplete. You used the Deliver Now button to send 1 text when your order was for 4. It’s a ToS violation and you’re likely to get a warning if you contact support.

Incomplete order looks like this. It’s when the “mandatory requirements” option is turned on and the buyer hasn’t submitted any requirements:

Long story short, you can use Deliver Now button only to send a complete delivery (4 texts in your case if the order was for 4 texts).

You could:

  • request the deadline extension to give the buyer more time to gather information for 3 remaining texts;
  • send the first text attached to a comment on the order page;
  • ask the buyer not to place the order until they have all the information ready (if you had any discussions with them before the order was placed).

Now I’d just let this order hang in revision until your buyer provides the rest of the information and hope that they don’t report you.


Oh no. Well, I thought I had the information I need because I thought I can choose the SEO-keywords myself, so I started the order. And after that they told me that they will choose the keywords. Since I ran out of time waiting for their keywords I already sent them one text and told them I will of course send them the other texts when they give me the keywords. Then I guess I’ll just keep waiting.

@lenasemenkova has given you a great answer.

If I was you I would put this one down to learning a hard but valuable lesson.

Delivering incomplete work is indeed against Fiverr’s terms of service. Should customer support get to find out they could potentially issue you with an account warning. A few of those and you’re then banned from the platform.

Therefore I would either try and work things out with the buyer, although I get that the point of your post is that the buyer is ignoring you, or else allow the order to be cancelled so that you can walk away from this a free woman. Although do be aware that an order cancellation can affect where your gig turns up in search results.


is it in revision right now? is that the problem

is that the case? because the buyer would have had to have clicked a box saying that all info is accurate and complete, and the seller did complete everything in the requirements if the buyer only supplied information for the one text in the requirements. the buyer can do all of this without contacting the seller first, so seller would be lumbered with a late delivery or cancellation

given the context the buyer probably wouldn’t respond to the extension either, so what is a seller to do then? If the order page is supposed to be like a contract, hasn’t the seller fulfilled their obligations thus far, but is now being left in limbo?

I don’t know what I would do in that situation

OP has a funny way of describing things but it most likely is. Either way, the Deliver Now button was used within the original delivery deadline so there is no threat of a late delivery any longer.

Yes, but neither fiverr CS nor buyers at large care about that fine print line. The order was for 4 texts. OP delivered 1. That’s what relevant.

The buyer was in contact to inform the seller that they’ll be sending the rest of the requirements at some point. It’d made sense to request the deadline extension there. There is no guarantee that it’d work but it’d be worth trying.

Late delivery or cancellation would be a better option than a warning. You can scrub those off your stats with time, the warning stays forever and you’re off the platform after you accumulate 3 of those.

Not necessarily. Sellers can start orders, too, by clicking on “I have everything I need”.