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BUYER: I'm done with Fiverr until the shopping cart it back

I am a buyer and I just looked in my account and I have purchased more than a 1,000 gigs and who knows how much I have spent! But I am drawing a line in the sand I am not coming back till the shopping cart is back- screw this!
For me to purchase 10 gigs which I was going to do last night till I couldn’t find out how to add it to my cart, that would be an extra $10! No way! There are too many other marketplaces for me to pay extra for a place that calls itself ‘fiverr’…


If the shopping cart really is gone, this may be a legitimate issue. If so, what alternative sites would you consider?

P.S. The cart does show up on my screen.
EDIT : check the answer from @offlinehelpers


Have a read here:


no “Shopping Cart” now

I had spent $66,580 on Fiverr. I’m planing to find one new platform which have shopping cart. As one retail site, no sharping cart, how stupid!!

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Since they removed the shopping cart feature, I haven’t bought gigs since either.

But Fiverr is too big to care.
There are plenty of customers who are willing to do as they say.

Btw. Have you used any other platform since @yohame?

my gosh! What type of Gigs do you buy? Do you use fiverr gigs to assist you fiverr selling buisness?

(Legit question :slight_smile: )


I’m not buying anymore until the cart comes back.
I have found other sites.

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ok, I’ll bite. What was so great about the shopping cart? and why is it so much worse without it?

You’d only pay the processing fee once, so 10 $5 gigs would cost you $52 instead of $70.


I haven’t used Fiverr since either. Which sites have you found btw?

I am a seller and I understand the issue however doesn’t look like fiverr team reads or interact with buyers or sellers on forum, you as buyers should open a ticket with customer care to let them know what you think about the issue.