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Hi, all. Buyer-in-rant-mode here.

You’ve all seen the forum posts asking why buyers aren’t choosing new sellers and why buyers sometimes don’t leave reviews.

For a number of projects, I’ve very deliberately purchased gigs from new sellers, with the intention of “giving them a chance.” While I’m not a seller on Fiverr, I do do freelance stuff, so I know how much that first review can mean to someone’s business.

And yes, I know that every time I buy from a new seller, it’s a gamble. That’s why I only do this for projects that are either just for hobby purposes (so if the quality is poor or if it runs late, there’s no harm done) or far enough in advance of the deadline that I can re-do the job myself if necessary.

If things go well on the first purchase, I might purchase another gig from the same person, after checking with him/her.

That’s when things seem to go wrong. More than once, the second gig has gone late or is never delivered.

For example, I’m waiting for a custom order. I’d been very happy with the seller’s first gig. So, I asked him if he’d be interested in doing a longer one. I sent the data so he could make an informed quote on a “custom gig.” He came back with a quote that was a little more than twice what I’d have paid if we’d simply used multiples of his regular gig, and he said it’d be done in three days. I didn’t need it quite that soon, but, sure, that sounds good. I’ve done the kind of work I’m paying him for, and I know it gets more difficult as the task gets longer, so the extra fee seemed fair enough.

I pay for the gig and wait…

And wait.

That was in October. He checked in a few times, apologizing for the delay and then to say he was almost finished the gig. He hasn’t delivered yet, and I haven’t heard from him since the end of November.

Now what? Is it something I’m doing wrong? (Other than hiring newbie sellers, that is?) I don’t seem to have this trouble with repeat sellers who have long track-records here on Fiverr. They’ve all been brilliant.

(Edit): I just realised that I’d left out the feedback bit. Oops. In this marketplace, a feedback score of 5-stars indicates that the seller provided what he or she said he or she would provide, when he or she said he or she would provide it, with no major problems in communications.

Sometimes, one or more of those categories is lacking. I’m not talking about entirely reasonable expectation that a five-dollar article that isn’t up to the standards you’d expect from a writer who charges $350 for the same length and variety. Instead, perhaps the delivery was a couple days late, or there was an obvious error that the buyer could correct upon delivery.

These are problems. And, yes, I know some of you figure that it is appropriate to give lower star-ratings. Some buyers would prefer not to deal with the potential hassle we keep hearing about in the forum, though. And some might figure that it was a one-off problem, and they don’t want to endanger the seller’s livelihood over a minor issue. In those cases, it would seem simpler not to leave feedback at all.

That may account for some missing feedback.

Of course, it’s more common for buyers simply not to bother at all, not realising how important feedback is. And some buyers don’t want anyone to know they are buyers here.

/end rant

Lots of people simply are unable to handle being self employed and being their own boss. They mess up. No one is holding them accountable. This is the problem when you hire someone new. You don’t know if they are responsible about getting the work done. That’s the problem in a nutshell.

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