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Buyer inboxed me but not order


Folks, I don’t know how do I react !

Two times happened, Buyers are contacting me after I send request. I am replying them. But after that No Communication, No Order !

Is this happen to others?
My assumption is once Buyer is reaching to you, that means interested and you can expect an order post negotiation.


its happen all the times


You could be just one of the sellers they’re interested in. They can choose someone else, or postpone the entire project, or change their mind, or simply forget.


this is very common scenario. . .


How is that happens, after hard negotiation.


this is very common scenario…


This happened to me the other day, I saw the buyer on buyers request today asking for the same thing but worded differently. I think whats happening is they find your gig you make an offer and then somehow figure out $5 buyers request exist. Somethings going on.


So do you mean, $ 5 makes a second thought among Buyers !


Okay, so do you have any such unique idea want to share…


Yes, but when approaching again, no response (just ignored)


They find your gig , but find a way of getting it cheaper after you make the offer. It’s the old “buyers are liers” saying


As catwriter already mentioned… There could be many reasons for the buyer to not have placed an order with you (despite all the negotiations).

The buyer could have possibly also lost interest in placing an order with you. Why? Do you think this is impossible?

This is a false assumption. This may not always be the case with every buyer.


Its not impossible though, but how will loose interest ? Its not a repeat order. And my reviews doesn’t say anything as such.


Yes! Buyers also check the way of communication! Andthey check how much quick you are while responding and answering their requests


It is very hard to predict why a buyer makes a particular decision. There could be a myriad reasons for the buyer’s actions. The best thing to do in such situations would be to just move on. :slight_smile:

If I were you, I’d not get my hopes up too much the next time a buyer contacts me (even if the buyer proceeds to discuss the order details). That way, I would not end up being too disappointed in case no order comes through :slight_smile:


I agree, yes I will move on. Thank you.


$ not matter work matter … good batter best performance depends


Sorry, I didn’t understand your comment