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Buyer increase his requirement

I need suggestion .
A buyer send me offer for blog design now as I complete work according his requirement he increase his requirement without given extra which was not in offer so when I says this was not in offer than he say me BL BL and set cancel request but I decline . Now order deadline I’d come in 24 hours do . Please Let me know and help me what should I do in this situation ? Thanks


Best thing is discuss with the buyer.

Ask him to pay extra for the additional work or you will have to cancel.


What’s mean BL BL. Please bro explain it.

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probably blacklisting (buyer threatening to report etc)


thank you for your help

If you have completed the work according to his requirements then simply deliver the project. If he ask for revision which was not the original scope of the order then describe him that extra work will cost more. If he tries to cancel the order then don’t accept it keep declining.


Us Bla bla mean he said this me on order cancel request " Did not comply with what was requested multiple notes were sent and there was consistent communication as per the email stream. Work which was requested was not completed. This was an unfair waste of my time. '/


Hello one more update
I contacted fiverr support before some hours n they given me this reply now ’ Josephine Today at 17:06

Hi there,
Josephine here to assist you. I understand your concern regarding this order.

I see that you asked for Wix login details today from the order communication.

Although this situation is a complicated one, and I will do my best to assist, keep in mind that we are unable to force a buyer to accept an order, and the best advice I can give at the moment is to communicate with them further to see if all concerns on their side can be resolved so they can consider this order fully completed, remaining in line with the work offered in your Gig.

In the event of the buyer not responding to your messages, you are welcome to contact us 24/7 and we will gladly assist you in any way that we can.

Please let me know if you need any further assistance, I would be more than happy to help.

Best regards,

Josephine | Customer Support |
Now please let me know what should I do next buyer now not replying me . n tomorrow is order deadline suggest me please . thanks


If I cancel than order compilation rate decrease as my level already down due to like that buyer …Also what about the work which I have done according to his requirement . he can stole everything what I done ?

I don’t understand you have mentioned that you have completed his work then why not simply deliver it?

Thanks you I have decline his cancel request but I sure my work complete but if I deliver order than what can happen as he demanding more work ?

Yes I have complete work but I want make sure to buyer first I have complete work so it will be good if before order deliver he agree I complete work n not demanding extra work . that why I m waiting now buyer reply but he changes his wix login where I have done work n now he don’t reply me

If he demanded for extra work which was not the original scope of the order then you can reply gently & ask him to place another order for extra work. adding gig extra for this order will cause you some issues so it’s better to ask him to place a new order.


You have got instructions before he placed an order, If you have completed the work according to guidelines then you are done. In my point of view you don’t have to wait for him. Whenever he ask for a revision for something which was not the original scope of the order simply reply him to place another order for extra work.


I have said him same thing but now he is not replying me … Actually in his requirement he want I designed his blog page on template which he choose so I did it , also I have put 6 submenu for different different categories blogs which was his requirement .Than he says me to design motivational page n I designed this. N now he again demanding to design homepage more pages which is not in requirement that why I said it will take extra cost than he sent cancel request which I decline he changes his wix liogin where I have done work n now when I ask him to communicate than he don’t reply me . that all is happening with me

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A buyer cannot blacklist you.

You’ve done the right thing by refusing the cancellation. If you had carried on working for free, then they would more than likely request even more free work.

Just write to them saying you have fulfilled the original order and because they are refusing to accept that, then you will now inform customer support of their actions and allow CS to review the case on their behalf.

That should shut them up.


But in this condition if he given negetibe or contact fiverr support with false comment incomplete work than who will help me ?

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Than if in this sututiob he also contact fiverr support with false message than ,? Then I afraid if I get warning due to his false complain

No one can help you except CS, If you have the proof that you have completed the work then nothing to worry about just do as @english_voice said you are all good.

If customer support do their job correctly, they will compare your delivery with the original order. In a fair world, based on what you’re written, you should win. There is no way you should receive a warning. The worst that should happen is that customer support will wrongly cancel the order, but then you can appeal that. At least you haven’t given in to their bullying and fraudulent ways. Hold your head up high and be proud of that.