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Buyer Information Privacy Question


Can someone clarify something for me - If I am a buyer and pay for a gig, does the seller get to see my personal information (first name, last name and address)? I am wandering also if the seller gets the paypal payment email with the buyers address and name etc? Can someone clarify.

Sellers never get to see anything but your user name.

Reply to @ricksper: Thanks for letting me know

@marky67 @ricksper How do i make it so people actually send me the money ? A.K.A connect my paypal/creditcard to fiverr

Reply to @mcmyster: Try going to revenue and then click to connect to paypal

Reply to @mcmyster: You are paid by Fiverr, not each individual person. Once you connect your paypal, when you have revenues (after 14 days of holding) then you can withdraw it.

What information a seller gets in his email about the buyer like if a buyer marks the order complete and the seller gets an email that your order was marked complete by the buyer so does it shows buyer personal information like buyers personal email or anything in the email or on fiverr