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Buyer insists on communicating outside fiverr

A buyer recently reached out and told me that he would like to communicate on ■■■■■ before placing an order so he can share more information regarding the project. He asked me for my ■■■■■ ID to which I replied that it’s against Fiverr’s TOS to share any sort of contact information or to communicate outside of Fiverr. The project was quite straightforward and there was no need to go on another platform to discuss it, but the buyer kept insisting so I told him that I will ask CS for their permission.

After a day, without any reply from CS, I told the client that they are taking time to respond. The client sent me a screenshot of an order that he already placed with another seller, and told me that he only wanted to communicate on ■■■■■ for team discussion, and always keeps the transactions on Fiverr.

Now my question is, who is wrong here? The seller who took that order, the buyer who placed it, or me because I didn’t agree to go outside of fiverr to discuss the requirements? Just want to know what I should do in case something like this happens again. Thank you.

The buyer is wrong here, and so is the other seller if they accepted those terms. In the future instead of CS asking for permission just report the buyer and move on with your day.


We don’t know whether that seller has the permission from CS to use other methods of communication.

I politely inform them that all the communication has to go through Fiverr. If they keep insisting, I tell them that I’m sorry, but I can’t help them (if needed, I also report them). If they send a screenshot of someone who has accepted other methods of communication, I politely inform them that it’s a ToS violation unless that person has the permission from CS to do it (and, since I don’t have that permission, I can’t help them).


True, it’s wise to be on the cautious side when we don’t have the other side of the story, but realistically what are the odds CS gave permission to a developer to communicate outside Fiverr?

The only time I ever asked that permission I was told it wasn’t needed as my buyer could get in touch with their host (a company) and then pass the information along to me…and vice-versa.

So we were in a 3 way chat situation, where the buyer had to made himself available only to pass along information from one side to the other.

So I find highly unlikely they would grant that permission for this case.

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I work on platforms where it is fine to communicate with buyers off-site. However, I never do this. 99% of the time, people only want to communicate off-site because they are scammers or :poop: people.

  • Most want your bank account, ID, and social security details to pay you or because they are a big business that needs to record this info. - Whatever reason they give is bull.
  • EVERY client without fail wants to negotiate lower prices.
  • As soon as clients have your contact details, you can rest assured that a job will never be finished. I’ve had clients from 2-years ago email me to ask me to make amendments to previously delivered work.

In rare cases when the above isn’t true, you instead get buyers who have an extraordinary ability to talk for hours but never actually say anything.

These people won’t ask you for a logo featuring a frog. Instead, they will talk for hours about how the past 39-years of their life (which you can be sure was more tragic than you can possibly imagine) has always been leading up to them starting their new business. As such, they want to be sure that you understand how passionate they are, etc.

In short, when anyone asks you to communicate off-site anywhere, just say no and cut off all further communication. You didn’t lose a sale here. You missed the opportunity to work with a cheap, self-obsessed, narcissistic control freak. This is why they sent you a picture of their order with another seller.

As for the other seller now working with this person, they are likely new, don’t know how Fiverr works, are about to be ex[ploited, and probably won’t be on Fiverr anymore in a couple of months.


I learnt that far too late, and only upon joining Fiverr.

I was freelancing for quite a a few years before joining Fiverr and I used to make myself available for calls that would take hours, at often times in weird times due timezone differences and although they were paying clients, the amount of time I wouldn’t be paid for was crazy and I’ve never seem to realized back then.

This pretty much sums up how I feel about it too


Do you really wonder if we would say, “Yes You’re in the wrong for not breaking the ToS”?

Why would we do that and why would you even consider working with someone who treats you like that?

It isn’t “wrong” to lose a sale with a total jerk. Get some self-esteem.