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Buyer is a biggest scammer....Help me Please

Dear Fiverr community:

On today (12th March 2020) A buyer Ro******06 placed an order on the morning on about 03:00 GMT and 08:00 (PST).
First he didn’t answered my requirement. When I sent a reminder asking for requirement then he answered my requirement without answering any question ( he just leave every answer blank). Then he message me in URDU Language and told that I have forgotten to give you requirement and here is my requirements.
I thought may be he forget first to give requirement but now he has provided.

After that I started to work on his Order. I have worked for consistently 3 hours for his Order. He wants to create a logo and I created a very Professional, unique and attractive logo for him.
He told me in messages in URDU Language that *translation : "I am weak in English, I liked your logo but I will not buy from you because I just needed idea for logo and you have provided me, I am not receiving your order and cancel my order now."

After this message I was a feeling that he was laughing on me and Fiverr System.

As I worked really hard on his logo so that’s why I Decline its cancellation Request.

He again sent me some abusive messages and again sent Request but I declined again.

He is continuously blackmailing me. He is a scammer and putting a very bad impression on new sellers like me.

So I decide to connect Customer Support and you ASAP.

I requested Fiverr to please mark him spam and force him to complete the order because I worked very hard on this Order and he also liked it but he started scamming and told me that he just needed idea.

Please Fiverr Team save me from this scammer.


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What’s up with the space bar :thinking:


what do you mean…??

You need to remove any reference to this buyers name as it is against the rules of the forum to name and shame anyone.

I would decline his request to cancel and contact Fiverr and show all proof you have that he is just trying to get free work.



Thanks @genuineguidance, I have removed his name and link s you said and the scond thing is that I have contacted already with Fiverr Support Center but they haven’t replied me yet.


Give them some time to reply. Sometimes it can take up to 48 hours to get back to you. Whatever you do, keep declining to cancel if this guy keeps hitting that button - he is trying to get something for free.



Yes its your browser issue

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Yeah he is but let me tell one thing more that let suppose Fiverr force him to receive the order and he received it but he is surely gonna give me 1 star then what should I do next.

Unfortunately, you cannot force a buyer to rate you well if they want to be a jerk. Either way here - if they were to cancel OR decide to leave a 1 star, your account statistics are going to take a hit. If you cancel, your completed orders % will go down - if they give you a 1 star, your average rating will tank and it will be hard for you to level up. You would have to work hard to get more orders to recover from this person’s bad behavior. Some buyers here target new sellers to play these games with.



can I ask Fiverr Team to remove his Review…is it possible??

Downing the completion rate or Having bad rating (just on 3rd order) which will have more bad impact on my Fiverr gig rank & account

No. Fiverr will not remove the buyers review. Also, not a good idea to bring up reviews to buyers ever. This can get your account a warning, as Fiverr sees it as trying to manipulate the rating system. The only other “out” you may have is to ask Fiverr to cancel the order for you - but ask if they can do this without hurting your completion rate - depends on how badly you want to fight for the $5 ( I think that is what you charged ) fee for the logo you made.



The matter is not of $5, The matter is that I ave worked for continuously 3 hours for him and delivered him the best logo I can .
Now if I accept cancellation request or get 1 star review, in both cases my gig will get effected and I don’t have done any single thing wrong.

My gig is is being effected without my any mistake…is it fair ??

Cancel the order. Forget the $ 5. And after 60 days, the spook is over.


it is gonna effect my completion rate and I am a new seller. I ave worked hard on my gig and I don’t want to loose the ranking.

And I am not greed of $5 :expressionless:

Then ask Fiverr customer service to cancel the order for you. Ask if they can do this without it hurting your completion rate due to the extenuating circumstances.



Yeah thanks @genuineguidance for your time, well I am looking on it. Thanks

anyone else can help…??

Here is what you need to decide. You have one five star review only. We are talking about one order which you would earn $4 from. You are stressed out a lot about this. It’s terrible what this person is doing.

You will be at your level a while now one way or the other no matter what happens. So forget about levels for now.

Ask yourself how much it means to you to keep the $4. This is really the only thing that is at stake: do you get to keep the $4 which you earned or do you have to give it back?

Is it worth keeping it? This is what we are struggling with.

I understand this. And on top of all that work we are now spending even more time on this matter. This can also be considered work for you. I know it’s horrible for you but maybe consider letting go?

I don’t usually suggest cancelling orders, not at all. But in your case it may be time to consider that it might have some benefits.


I don’t think there’s really anything to add to genuineguidance’s explanations and advice. My advice would also be

If you contact support, always make sure to be as precise, brief and factual as possible, so the support person won’t have to read any irrelevant things and can clearly understand what you’re talking about and what you want them to do.

Once you wrote your ticket, it’s good to try reading it with the eyes of someone else than you and to revise if needed before you’ll send it.


Man that’s bad people can just use you for ideas sips coffee

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