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Buyer is annoying me,somebody please help me 😥

hello guys,

I need a advice, I am in big trouble. one of my client gave me work with (26bug fixed in motor theme website)
I’ve done almost wht I could so far as his requirements.some are so complicated, its not working to fix & I told him clearly everything.but he Isn’t satishfied with my work & he is giving me pressure with more requirements but it is not possible for me as I gave huge time on this project & I told him to order me in new custom offer but he is not agree with it. :disappointed_relieved:
what should i do in this situation? please help me, suggest me what to do???
I did my best as I could & fixed.should I cancel the order? my all work & time will be just valueless on this project.

Thanks in advance


raising your price usually works


If your gig offered to do something that you find you can’t do yes cancel the order so he gets his money back.

If he is asking for something you do not offer in your gig description then tell him that is not part of what your gig offers and do not offer to cancel.


@cre8iveartwork with new custom offer?

Yes as he is pushing your more works … so better send him custom order with new requirements.

Is he asking for something your gig did not offer?

Or is he asking for something it DID offer?

Is it this gig where you offer all this?

You will get this offers

  1. Setup Theme/Edit Theme
  2. install plug-in/activation
  3. customize theme
  4. Modify plug-in
  5. Demo setup
  6. creative slider
  7. Content Posting
  8. Widget setup
  9. Contact form create
  10. fixing any type of Word Press errors

  11. performing theme customizations

  12. fixing plugin errors

  13. creating custom themes

  14. Moving websites

@misscrystal my gig is for bug fix, he is giving me new new complicated bugs to fix :disappointed_relieved:

You need to send him a request to cancel since you offer to fix bugs. There is no other option. You cannot offer to fix bugs then when you cannot fix them keep his money.

He should get a refund.


@misscrystal I had to fix only 15bugs with my custom he is giving me total 26bugs fix. :pensive:

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Does your gig say 15 bugs only? I don’t see a limit.

@misscrystal when I offered him, it was 15bugs. he came from buyer request. I didn’t mentioned any number of bugs. he gave me 15bugs first time.
I hv fixed their listed bug after that new bug created as their last developer messed up code.

If it’s one you can’t fix then I suggest a refund to him but it’s your decision.

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@misscrystal ok thanks a lot.
I was so confused about taking decision. :hugs:
Let’s think more & if it has to do thn I will refnd to him.

You should also put a limit on how much you will do in your gig description since as it now is, you have to do endless work of all kinds for the one price. Set limits. How many bugs? How much of each thing?

AS it is now, you will do all of 14 different things, and do them as many times as they want you to.


@misscrystal ok I will edit my gig and put the limit/number of bug fixed. I had no idea, it wil be so complicated.
thanks again :heart:

I wouldn’t refund. You did the work you deserve to be paid.
You can always explain that you fixed 15 bugs as it was agreed on.

The remaining bugs are not covered in the order. Make that clear in a polite way. Good luck.


I’m sure its the same in any category.
But beware of the buyer who is nonchalant
and over nice at first (and buyers requests). Then suddenly a nightmare as soon as you hit the deliver button.
If your gig states you fix endless amounts of bugs then fix em. If not I recommend testing the waters with some resistance. Charge for Xtra time and work…go about your business without bitting your nails and start worrying after the response.

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@annai80 u’ve logic in ur words!!

The point is that you have to do whatever you put in writing and said you would.

To have an open ended gig description with 14 things listed you will do for one price… You could be working on that one order for the next ten years.


Work done (15 problems fixed). How is that fair that a client requests a revision but tags on more work that wasn’t agreed on?

MissCrystal if a client orders one of your spells and you deliver, do you offer another one when they request a revision?

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