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Buyer is asking 13th revisions ans still going on


Hi, I received the order by February 16th 2018 about name tag design and have been making and sending the previews to him but I didn’t get any response at all for almost all of the delivery time.

The buyer finally contacted me at last in the last second of order completion.
Then he asked for revisions, and of course I revised it and sent to him again.
And again, I have to waited for him to respond for 3 more days.
As expected he showed up in the last minutes and order a revision.
Ok, I have revised them because they are minor.

But, what is really irritate me that he asked many revisions,it’s already the 13th times and it’s still not over now.

The revisions are so minor, set the logo to the right, enlarge this etc.

But, there are new revisions asked each time I revised them.
For example, he asked me to revise ABC, I gave him ABC and then he rejected it and asked for DEF which are completely unrelated with the revisions set before,and so on and so on.
It’s almost looked like he is doing them in purpose to prolong the time and then cancelled it

I spent so many time in this project and I want to keep my good record.
It’s riddiculous if he keep doing this for eternity and then cancel it.

What should I do?I still want my money which I think I deserve to get.
But my patience is at limit and this is far more than his budget


If you offer unlimited revisions you have to do them forever if he requests them.

No one should offer unlimited revisions for this reason.

It looks like you offer three revisions so you can politely say to them:

“I have now done 13 revisions for you. I only offer 3 revisions in my gig. So unfortunately I must tell you this is now complete. Please stop using the revision button. It looks like you want to delay the completion of the order deliberately. This violates the fiverr terms of service.”


Report them to CS for misusing the modification button. :sunny:


You can say that you’ve made the requested changes.
If they would like to make any additional changes then you can add additional revisons to the order for X amount.


offlinehelpers is correct. This buyer needs to be reported for misusing the revision button.

The designer I use tells buyers not to use the revision button if they need any changes, and instead to simply send him a message about it.


I would be pulling out my hair at this point. There’s no way in hell, I would allow a buyer to take advantage of me in this way. Whatever you do, DON’T CANCEL! You deserve compensation for the work produced.

Put your foot down and politely outline everything you’ve done (revisions wise).
Leave a paper trail for Customer Support just in case things goes south.

Unlimited revisions are a form of bondage. Endless workload, misused & abused!


Thank you misscrystal for helpful answer.
I have thought of that but I’m afraid he is going to cancel it and leave me a bad review after I have been through.
Can the order be cancelled if the person who is cancel it is the buyer? or it’s required me too to click the cancel button?


Thank you for the answer ^^
Can the order be cancelled if the person who is cancel it is the buyer? or it’s required me too to click the cancel button?
I have contacted the Fiverr team since he begins to disappeared often. And their answer is not satisfying. They can only connect me to the buyer if he wants to cancel it.


I have, I also have screenshot my chats and send it to them as proof.
But they answer is like this:
Thank you for contacting us. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had difficulties with your buyer. I reviewed the order, and I see that you’ve delivered work and modifications per the buyer’s request.

However, we cannot force your buyer to accept the order if they have issues with it, so you will need to persuade the buyer to accept your work, or negotiate for an agreement with your buyer.

May I recommend that you draw up a list for the buyer, showing that your work has been fully completed in accordance to their initial work requirements, and let us know how the buyer responds?


I think I will charge him if he come up again with out of nowhere revisions…
Thank you for your help ^^


Yes, I tried to communicate with him using the chat before I deliver the designs and it’s very weird that all of my messages to him, the ones he actually responded are in my delivery.
So if I don’t send any deliveries, he doesn’t answer any of my questions. Even if he is online at that time…


At this point, I doubt the buyer will initiate a cancel because he is too busy requesting modifications (like Speedy Gonzales WB animated cartoon character). If he comes back with another request, simply & politely remind him of how many revisions were included. If he requires additional revisions he’ll need to purchase a gig extra of XYZ amount. If you initiate a cancel you will not be compensated. I’m sure you want to get PAID, no? Regardless if the buyer leaves a neg review or something. Just remain calm & professional at all times during your correspondence.


In addition to what others have said, if a buyer asks me for a revision, I politely ask them to provide all of their requests at once so I can implement them and move on rather than going back-and-forth for days at a time. This streamlines the process and saves everyone time.

Next time a buyer requests a revision from you, I would suggest doing this to avoid an on-going “tweaking” process like this.


Any updates?


Hi guys, thank you so much for the helpful answers.
A little bit update here.
So I have sent him additional offer for the new revision which once again came out of nowhere.
He already approved it before but he came back and demand changes!
And I won’t do his new modifications unless he accepts my additional offer.
My patience is at limit and I won’t let this go easily.
I have sent the convo to Fiverr team, and all they told me is to wait. Until when?This project is almost one month now

After I sent the additional offer, he surprisingly responded with the most suspicious and ridiculous question.
Not accepting the offer, He is wondering why all my deliveries have Fiverr watermarks on it, which I’m thanking Fiverr for that feature.

After reading his response like that and he is ignoring my additional offer. I’m 100% sure if there are no watermarks on my deliveries,he will take all my designs and disappeared.

Actually, can Fiverr be firm on this case? Can I get my portion of the money?Not all of it but enough to compensate my designs


Have you told him that that’s how Fiverr works, and that there will be watermarks until he accepts the order and marks it as complete?


Yes, I did. But I didn’t get any responds at all.
So I’m still in hanging position now. And Fiverr team hasn’t come up with helpful solutions


Even if you dont offer any revisions, they can ask for it. Otherwise they can cancel the order an fiverr’s CS will stand with the buyers as always.
So everyone on this platform offer unlimited revisions, whether its mentioned or not L:frowning:


Yes, I’m afraid I’m getting final response like that from Fiverr…
Can the buyer cancel it and proceed by Fiverr even I don’t approve it?


I’m shocked that this thing is still looming over your head. :hushed: As far as I can tell, everything that you’ve said here… It definitely sounds like an abuse of the revision policy. Also, it appears CS wants you to work it out with the buyer. Which is tricky, cause, I’m sure you’ve had enough. The only way to end this madness is a cancel. I’m not suggesting that you cancel but it seems that will be the only way. Have you educated the buyer about the revision policy? Let the buyer know that you’ve gone above & beyond. You’re dealing with an extremely indecisive buyer.

Just continue to follow-up with Customer Support. (same ticket)

If all else fails then there’s the cancel option, I’d ask CS to cancel.


I would never cancel this even it it’s for the next ten years. I would keep sending the same thing back each time he uses the revision button.

You will need to be very strong. Continue to send the same thing back to him with the watermark and tell him if he wants it without the watermark to not use the revision button and instead accept it. Tell him otherwise he will not get it without the watermark.

Send it back to him 1000 times if you have to.