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Buyer is asking for additional changes that are not agreed

Hello Everyone

I am new to Fiverr and find a range of same topics related to my question but still confused about how to avoid order cancellation if I have done 100% effort.

I have started a month ago and done 6 orders out of which 1 has been canceled by the support team

For that order, I have delivered the buyer exact agreed thing and on time, he is also a seller on the platform so more experienced than me and familiar with the Fiverr delivery process

He said that I did not deliver the right thing and it is useless and asking for more and more revisions which I have tried to accommodate to my best.

My offer has 1 revision only so I contact the support team and send them the detail screenshots of the work done and the features agreed with the buyer and they responded after 5 days that Fiverr has no option to force the buyer to accept the seller delivery if they are not satisfied and they returned the funds to the buyer.

I have worked on other sites as well like Upwork that offers the best dispute system but this would be some kind of joke for the sellers that their system only supports the buyer even if the seller has delivered 100%.

Are there any tips on how to deal with such type of buyers who knows how to manipulate the delivery process and get work for free

Nothing you can do, just try to avoid scammy buyers

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Thanks Josh for your help

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It happens and unfortunately we can do nothing.

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One thing you can do is send them a parting message reminding them that they did not purchase your work and therefore do not own it. I don’t know what the exact nature of your work was, but if it’s a logo or something similar, it can be traced, and they need to know that you will be checking if they’re using your work without the rights to do so.

Happened to me years ago. The client thought they’d gotten a branding kit for free, but I called them out of FB the moment I saw my logo on their profile page. Made them look like right t£$% as well :stuck_out_tongue:

A bittersweet victory but a victory nonetheless.


Thanks, gravey for reading

Fiverr support also told me the same thing right now and I will be sending them screenshots

That was the Woocommerce development work on their existing site like the Checkout page, User My Account pages, and some backend work and they are using all of my work after 8 days have been passed so it can do an impact in my case if I send detailed screenshots to the support team?

They would probably say that there were some malicious functions and we correct them by ourselves but the design was also exactly the same without any change as I delivered to them and they are satisfied with it till the last moment.

An update for the new seller.

The buyer has the option to cancel the order even after they have received delivery on time. If you are doing development tasks then take screenshots before starting work and show the support before and after works then it might help you to avoid cancellation