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Buyer is asking for revision again and again

Today, I delivered an order. Instead of accepting the order, buyer is asking for revision again and again. Actually, he refused to take the order.

Kindly, anyone tell me what should I do?


You haven’t given us more details to understand the situation. How many revisions did you agree to, prior to starting the order?


in the start, buyer wants to style & animate the slides. But, later he refused to take the order by saying that i did nothing. I’ll go with my own slide. I’ll not use any of your content. I did a lot of effort to make the slide stylish and animated. But, he is not accepting it.

I’m wondering, in the offer i give her 1 revisions but how he is again and again go in revision.

Just because he did not like it, or not gonna use it does not mean you are not supposed to get paid for that.

last time it happened with me, I ended up cancelling the order and loosing the money after 3 days and 20 revisions ( in the revisions only thing written was “no”)

there are not much that can be done with it as customer service can not for the buyer to accept the work.

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The way you describe it, it looks like the buyer is trying to cancel the order, and yet, you talk about revision request. When they request a revision, what do they ask you to revise?

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he say only one thing, I cannot accept the work sorry.

Now, what should I do?

he going again and again in the revision by saying “sorry i cannot accept the work”.

Actually you have given the opportunity to buyer for getting revision again and again. It is your fault.
1. Turn off unlimited revision. You may keep limited revision or no revision.
2. You have never asked to buyer for delivery permission. Just communication Gap with buyer.
It is your another fault.
It also another reason of revision.

Now do a better communication with buyer and ask detail problem of work.
Try to better understand what they want and why they not accepting the work.
Fix all problems first and show them.
Get a permission from buyer before next delivery. If once they confirm you for deliver the work, then you should do it.
I hope you will not get revision any more for this work.

Though the buyer is actually misusing the request button by just saying “sorry I cannot accept he work”. The buyer should be requesting to cancel if that is what he wants.

The buyer previously said “I’ll go with my own slide. I’ll not use any of your content.”. The OP could ask the buyer how he wants it changed but it seems like the buyer just wants to cancel. It might be better for the OP to cancel. Otherwise the buyer is likely to leave a bad review since they don’t want the delivery any more. One bad review (eg. 1 star) with only 5 other reviews could make it not possible to send offers to buyer requests and make it harder to get other orders.


SO OP already said he offered only one revision ! so no fault !

What is this delivery permission ?

Even when you limit revisions to 1, a buyer can push the revision button as many times as they want and you can do nothing about it.

Well, that gig is offering 1 revision. If so,
How can buyer send revision again and again ?
Additional revision can have extra charge and working time ( Depends on seller how much amount

Are buyer providing extra charge for each revisions again and again ? Probably not.
Do you understand it ?

It is a discussion with buyer via message.
After complete the work, show to buyer.
After checking the work, if buyer say " All ok, now can deliver the work",.
If anybody get this confirmation from buyer, it is delivery permission.(Not a additional option into fiverr website, only conversation with buyer)

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As @avrora said, Buyer can keep asking for revision again and again no matter how many revisions you offered, its like abusing delivery buttons though !
Only way to stop this is to contact customer support and explain them the whole situation !

Regarding to DELIVERY PERMISSION, there is nothing like that in whole concept and I personally even not recommend that !
Seller should directly deliver the work via delivery button and let the buyer use revision button to ask for any modifications , that’s how it should go !


Because it’s always possible to click on “request modification” button, no matter how many revisions you’re offering.

That’s not how Fiverr is meant to work.

You can try politely informing the buyer that it’s not allowed to request a revision without telling the seller what they need revised.


In this case, how we can solve the issue? what should do next?

I have seen that, I edit in the gig unlimited revisions. But, when sent an offer to buyer, I selected 1 revision. May be, the revisions from gig are in use.

The OP is seeking an advice on how to get out of such situations not looking to find where he’s at fault.

It’s always possible for a buyer to request a revision, no matter how many revisions you’re offering.

I already advised him. Look at the next quoted text of my same post.

Do you want " latexisfun " will face same problem again and again?
I have explained it to him that how he avoid same situation next time.

I see you are unable to advise anything to @latexisfun. Is not it ??
But it is very important to advising him for participating this topic !!