Buyer is asking for the cv to be send on the email id?


the buyer send me an email id and asked me to send me to send the cv to the id


Please don’t - just explain that it’s against Fiverr Terms of Service and you’ll deliver it as normal through the Fiverr system.


Attach the CV in the inbox/order page and tell the buyer that contacting buyers outside of Fiverr is against the ToS.


alright thankyou :slight_smile:
I wont


Yeah this is against fiverr rules ,you can share any file through fiverr inbox


Are you designing CV’s or is the buyer asking for your CV?


No I am a textile designer,
He just wants me to send the cv so he can work further on.


Contacting buyers outside from fiverr is a policy violation. Your account can be banned. So dont do it.


Don’t send it. Use the portfolio feature of your Fiverr profile to showcase your work and refer your buyers to that info.


Apart from the ToS violation is Fiverr’s system the only safe way for you. Always use it. If your buyer (and other potential ones) insists of using e-mail or any other non-Fiverr ways instead, tell him that it’s against Fiverr’s ToS and that you won’t do it.


Wait. the buyer wants you to send them your CV or do they want you to write a CV for them??


If anyone asks you to use a non fiverr platform and its not in your gig and agreed upon with fiverr itself,TELL THEM NO
Yeah these types of things need to be avoided like the plague. If hes asking for email tell him no, fiverr only.
There’s people that message me saying “can you come work for me, here’s my website and we can discuss graphics” i tell them no everytime.
Fiverr is safe, secure and you wont get scammed. Stick with it and report anyone who tries to do otherwise. You have all the tools you need on this platform to succeed.



I guess saying No to sending my Cv through email id ,really showed me the true colors of the buyer

The buyer replied

“Alright,keep on having the cheap earning through fiverr”

lol I was really surprised that a buyer could be this much rude and patethic.
I reported the buyer.

Thankyou everybody for your help :slight_smile:


Don’t try to contact buyer outside Fiverr. because it is against the Fiverr policy and Fiverr will ban your account. Fiverr is tracking your chats so I suggest you to send a message to buyer “DEAR BUYER I CAN NOT DEAL OR TALK OUTSIDE FIVERR AS THIS IS ILLEGAL ACCORDING TO FIVERR TOC”

PS: Try to convince your buyer and show him your portfolio and some recent work.Show him your profile reviews I hope this will work :smiley:


What a piece of dirt bag.

You did the right thing. Thank about what kinda REAL nightmare you’d be dealing with had you taken him up on his offer!!


haha exactly it was such a relief


Sounds like a charmer I had last week–and this is in my inbox:

I basically told him we wouldn’t be a good fit due to various reasons, and this was how he reacted. I told him we weren’t a good fit because he had a $10 rewrite gig that he wanted to “discuss” with me first. I told him (quite reasonably) that if he wanted to do that, it would be a $10 fee. Cue angsty fireworks.

This kind of buyer always goes for the cheap and nasty insult while being cheap and nasty with a soupcon of cluelessness thrown in for good measure.


This is something so sweet! Isn’t it? Don’t count none of this “person’s” words…

Great you reported the buyer.


tell him it is against fiver rule, If the buyer is a male, he simply want to know your private email .



I guess everybody goes through that,but this kind of behavior from a buyer is highly unacceptable!