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Buyer is asking for the method used for completing the gig. How should i respond?

My gig : I’ll Fix 404 errors on wordpress site (5$)

What he wrote to me : You need to update me on how you fixed the errors as I would be working with different developers in the future so I need to troubleshoot if someone else makes a mistake.

This is my first order. What should i do? If i tell him how i solved those errors, he doesn’t order next time. It’ll work just like a boomerang for him, Paid once benefited no of times.

Any advice ?

Thank you.

Its your first order and a good review is more important than anything else.


You don’t have to explain it to him, but if it doesn’t take much effort then I’d do it. Hoping that your customer will mess up their site so that they need your service again isn’t really a quality of a professional seller.

However, if you have to invest lot of time in explaining the solution then you can simply say that additional effort will cost them an extra gig.

Tell him, it is a service that I am selling and am not offering how to do it.

Your gig title is: 'll Fix 404 errors on wordpress site NOT. I’ll teach how to fix 404 errors on wordpress site.

mumar1991, Thanks for your words. I’ll do it.

and perhaps make a gig on “will teach you how to fix” and send him the link? lol. For a good price of course.

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this is so precious lol.