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Buyer is asking for work beyond the scope of the project by holding my feedback

Please analyze my case and offer guidance. A buyer ordered a 5$ research project on my new writing gig which I was uncomfortable with since the beginning, but he sent the order and told me that he would be assisting me with the research. I agreed and crafted up to almost 1500 words. Now he started to reveal extra work in there that require a lot more research and effort, but since it was my new gig, I kept on doing and expanded material up to more than 2500 words. He then accepted my work but hold my feedback so that he could exploit me later, and he did exactly that. He revealed that he would show this work to his professor and that he would need more revisions after his professor’s review. Now, even after 10 days of delivery, he is asking for more work which is way beyond the 5$ worth and time, claiming that his professor demands that, and the problem is I am too engaged with my other ongoing project, so it is very difficult to manage time, and even after I do that, he will still ask for more because he knows that he can blackmail me through a negative review on my gig as long as he wants.
Now experts, please tell me what should I do? Should I apologize to do work but in that case he will most likely spoil my profile with negative feedback, or should I ask him to cancel the accepted order, or should I contact customer support? If I need to contact CS, then how should I proceed so that I can win my case most likely.
Thank you so much


There’s your first problem. A cup of coffee is $5, serious work like research is not.

Second issue. seeing the red flag but ignoring it

and again, value yourself or no one else will

Holding review or feedback is a threat and MUST be reported to CS

It is against TOS (not to mention immoral) to do school work. Don’t involve Fiverr as they will close your Gig and maybe even ban you.

What a total POS. You laid down with dogs and got up with fleas.

You need to simply separate from this person and remove this Gig or anything within it that gives any impression you will do people’s assignments for them. You may have to force a Cancellation. Do whatever it takes and start again after reading the whole TOS lest you make such a mess for yourself again.



@benedictrm has given you a good answer.

While I don’t like seeing people exploited, you only have yourself to blame.

You offered a service that broke Fiverr’s terms of service.

The service offered was complex and in terms of your time worth far more than $5. I’ve worded this bit carefully - your TIME is worth far more, not the service.

Because you offered an ‘illegal’ service for an embarrassingly low price, you attracted a scammer - this should not come as a surprise.

The scammer has repeatedly bullied and blackmailed you - and yet you continue to work for them. Big mistake.

You’re now considering apologising to this person! Why? Good grief, they are a cheap scammer, a fraudster, a liar, a bully, and a blackmailer.

Now, because of all the above - you can’t even approach customer support because they will discover that you are offering an illegal service and they will likely either issue you with a warning or suspend your account.

Yet another lesson. Play by the rules, or don’t play at all.

If I was you I would write to your buyer telling them that you will “no longer work on the order” and that if they “make any further attempt to contact” you, then you will “report their fraudulent activities to customer support”.

Sometimes you have to stand up and fight fire with fire. They’re likely to leave a bad review anyway, so why waste any more of your time. Do you really think that if you continue to work on this illegal order they’re not going to still leave you bad feedback and cancel the order to get their precious $5 back?


Thanks for your advice sir, but actually, I was not offering academic work on my gig, it is a gig that offers article writing and blog posts, and he revealed the professor part at the very end when the order was accepted. If I would have known earlier, I would have never done that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your advice sir. I am very grateful for that. But please clear that if as per your advice, I can just remove my gig and block that person (because he is a seller himself), then will he still be able to leave a review? Or there are still chances that he can give the feedback? (Note: The order has been accepted, just the review remains). Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s when you should have stopped working and, perhaps, contacted Customer Support to let them know that a buyer tricked you into doing their homework. However, you have continued working on the project even after you found out that it was academic fraud, so if you contact Customer Support now, you could get an account warning. Or a permanent ban.

700 words plus research, all for $5, is highly likely to attract scammers.

Buyers have up to 10 days to leave a review after the order was marked as complete.


Thanks for your advice, I get that now. I am myself to blame on this one, but can you tell what if I just remove my gig and block that person, then will he still be able to leave a review? Or there are still chances that he can give the feedback?

He can leave a review for up to 10 days after the order was marked as complete (sometimes there’s a bug that lets them leave a review even after that). Removing the gig and/or blocking the buyer won’t prevent that. However, once you block the buyer, at least they won’t be able to keep messaging you or place another order.


This situation steams me up! A fellow seller is taking advantage of you.

I once was in a similar situation where I received an order, worked on it, and then had second thoughts about the content. I asked the buyer if it was for academic work, and he said yes. I immediately canceled the order. It messed with my stats, but I would not get in trouble with CS for doing school work.


Then you cancel the order and don’t do it.

It’s quite ridiculous that you think you get to participate in fraud and a TOS breach just because you didn’t know that was happening until the order was made.

You don’t get to commit fraud to protect your ratings.


yes it is indeed a very negative experience, and I will be more cautious in future.

yes, i should have been careful but yikes, as a new seller, I had no idea that things can get so severe and risky. Now that the order is accepted, I can’t cancel the order also nor seek CS, If I would have seek the forum help or known the severity of the task, then of course wouldn’t have hesitated one bit to just cancel that order and block the person. I may as well leave this case to my fate and hope to remain cautious of such buyers in future. Thanks for the advice. Greatly appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

So, are you going to cancel the order? You cannot be blackmailed if you do.

Sir, I can’t actually, as the order has already been accepted, and he has held my feedback and constantly exploiting and blackmailing me to get more and more work. Since you know, I can’t contact support CS, and I am also too afraid to ask that person to cancel the order, when he has accepted it already.

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If it is accepted then great. Hope he is too lazy to post any review and you are off his hook.

If he does give a terrible review, use your right to reply and with care you will make yourself less of a target for people like this.

Now be really sure not to let yourself in for such a situation again by learning the deeper lessons that got you here in the first place.


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Pull the pin.

Light the fuse.

Run away like you are on fire.

As has been pointed out, this is a ToS violation and you have to STOP working on it.

Plus, $5 for 1,500 words is too cheap (I’m a content writer myself).

I wouldn’t get out of bed for a 1,500-word order that pays $5 (before Fiverr takes their cut).

Take the advice from all of us here and make some changes NOW!


Hind-site is always 50-50 - but, what you should have done, is NOT accepted the order, NOT completed the order, NOT settled it with the buyer, and instead - you should have reported the buyer to CS for violating TOS - on a few levels. 1- trying to trick you into doing academic work, 2 - exploit you by asking for work that you don’t do and is outside of your gig description or face a negative review (blackmail). Both of which violate TOS.

Now you have to hope the buyer doesn’t flag your gig - out of vengeance, so that CS looks into it… because if they do, your account is compromised. To be honest it already IS compromised because of that order.

But … as @catwriter stated, it’s a good idea to block the buyer so that they can no longer access your gig, and further complicate the situation.

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Absolutely sir !! Many thanks for your advice. Wish I would have seek the help here sooner :slightly_smiling_face: