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Buyer is asking for working files


I have completed an order exactly as discussed but after the delivery buyer requested revision and is asking for working files. And when I told him that working files will cost him extra, he is saying '‘every other job we have done on Fiverr, people have sent us the working files.’'
I reported that to customer support but as usual they have nothing for the seller. They told me that ‘‘we also cannot force a buyer to accept an order with which they are not satisfied.’’

Not sure what to do. :sweat:


If the initial project agreed upon included the source files you are definitely required to provide your buyer with them. If however, you did not/or you specified that the source files is an added fee, the buyer will have to pay you for them.

If it wasn’t discussed, I’m afraid you may swing in the favor of the buyer because it was your wrong doing for not adding those terms in clear BOLD letters. (at the start of the project.)

Best of luck.