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Buyer is asking to cancel the order!

One of my recent buyers
asked me to design a sun rays for her logo.
Once I delivered the work. I accidentally designed “light rays”
The person then asked me to revise the work and change it into “sun rays”
After this I immediately fixed the issue and delivered the work as she mentioned to me.
After all of this, she didn’t reply to me. She replied to me when there was very little to no time left.
She replied and said she wanted to cancel the order.
This is not fair.
I have delivered the work right on time and I revised the work as she mentioned it to me.
She never mentioned that she wanted the " Yellow Rays ". The reason she is cancelling the order is because she wanted Yellow rays.


Then don’t accept the cancelation request.

Edit: if it’s a question of making the rays yellow just do it and see what she says


This isn’t fair enough after your hard work, just don’t accept the cancellation request.


I havent yet…
I have already delivered the modify work.
The problem is she always replied after 12-24 Hours


If she “wanted” something but didn’t specifically asked you to do it, it doesn’t give her the right for a refund.

Don’t accept the request, change the rays to yellow, deliver the file.

One could argue that it should have been obvious that the sun rays should be yellow but that’d depend on the logo’s color palette and your artistic vision.


I will do my best.
Her logo is orange and black and i thought that black was better than yellow.
She is also accusing me using a google image.
But i didnt even serched on google and i custom made them.
I will just wait for her reply. I really hope that she is satisfied because the main problem is that im a new seller


To be honest, sun rays are not an overly complicated or original concept for anyone to have to use Google images. :slight_smile:

I hope the situation gets resolved in your favor.


Sorry to disturb you again.
But the buyer now keeps on making excuse to cancel the order.
I wont accept her request becaise first she never mentioned it to me that she wanted yellow rays and she mentioned she wanted rays from the open sides.
Then she says just cancel the order because i wanted yellow logos with yellow rays!
Now she says she wanted a yellow and black logo with rays from open sides and middle!
Im so tired of this!
I contacted the CS and told them about this.
This is a new buyer on fiverr and she has no buyer reviews which means I might be getting scammer.
I just hope that she is satisfied and this is just a huge misunderstanding


That’s not a problem, if you delivered in time, even if the time runs out it won’t affect your profile when she asks for revisions or cancellation.

Just don’t accept the cancellation. Also because as a request “yellow rays” is too vague. I think this person didn’t have a clear idea of what they wanted and you don’t deserve to pay for this.


Just be firm. “I have delivered your order within the timeframe. Your cancellation request is therefore unreasonable. Unless you accept the delivery I will be left with no choice other than to alert customer support to your actions. They will compare your original request with what I delivered and see that I have fulfilled the order. You will likely receive an account warning or possible suspension from Fiverr along with the order being completed in my favour resulting in full payment to me”.


i have already declined her request.
She kept on requesting the cancellation!
What do i do?
Should I decline it again?
what if she sends it again then?

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I would send her a message similar to what I’ve written. Make her see that you’re serious.

If you really have delivered what the buyer originally requested (I’m not doubting you!), then tell the buyer you will ask customer support to intervene, and make it clear to your buyer that when they see that you have fulfilled the order, then CS are likely to issue an account warning against her and complete the order in your favour.

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I have declined her offer and sent her the message that you have mentioned…
I have also contacted CS just in case.
Thank You for your help.
I will wait and see what happens…
Also the message you sent me above wouldnt get me banned right?
I hope its not considered as a customer manipulation or something

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So long as you can prove that you have delivered on the gig, then from my point of view there’s nothing wrong with fighting fire with fire. All you’ve said is that you will contact customer support… that they’re likely to see that you’ve completed the order… and that because the buyer unfairly requested their money back, then the buyer is likely to receive a warning. I can’t see anything wrong with that. I’ve been a Fiverr seller for seven years and I don’t like to see people being abused.


I will just see where this goes.
And I appreciate all the help

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There’s nothing wrong about being transparent. You’re not making threats or anything you’re just saying things as they are. So don’t worry about it.
It’s just the usual case of the buyer that wants everything for the price of nothing. Don’t cave into it, and they’ll understand you’re not to be picked with.

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Im so over THIS!!!

This is the same buyer and she said: “For the third time I am requesting this order be cancelled, and I will keep requesting so until it is. I asked before you started if you could do this, and you misrepresented your skills to me, it’s not some big deal or confusing situation, you can keep declining my requests but I will keep on requesting this order be cancelled.”

amd I replied saying
" This is not how Fiverr works, you have received your work YOU CANNOT CANCEL II. You only have the right to cancel the work when I deliver you an empty delivery or when I deliver you a file which includes nothing or when I keep on telling you that you will recover your order and I’m forcing you. Only then you are allowed to request a cancellation. This is against their TOS, if you are not satisfied then either you are supposed to request revisions and keep requesting until you are satisfied or you leave a review of what you would like me to improve and in the starting you said you wanted sun rays from the open sides. To me in fact to any designer that means exactly what I have provided you. I have asked other designers about what you wanted and they are also saying that I have designed the right thing. Rather than spamming me with requests you can take 5 minutes and explain to me in detail what you actually wanted in the first place. Like I said I’m sorry if you are not satisfied as I have tried my best to do everything and I’m still happy to make things normal and finish what you wanted."

This is so werid!
The CS is taking forever to resolve this issue!
What do I do?

CS is busy. Please be patient.

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Honestly, unless this you’re getting a large sum of money from this order that you might feel is worth the hassle, I would accept the cancelling. I feel like the buyer will not miss the chance to retaliate with a negative review that ends up damaging your gig.
If you realize it’s better to allow this cancellation and you’re afraid the buyer might want to use it without having paid for it, be sure to let the buyer know that they do not have the right to use, share, reproduce, modify, distribute or transmit in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods. State that this applies to any and all files or materials you sent to the buyer. That should make them drop any idea of using the “free” work they got from you.

You can always once in a while grab your image and drop it on google search and see if there’s a match, if there is, even if slightly modified (meaning the person used it and put it online whether on her website or whatever), you can then pursue legal action, since you hold the copyright to the work and explicitely did not give permission to use it.

I hope you find the best solution for this problem.

I would fight it out, yes this is a nightmare client but just as they can leave a review about you, you can leave one about them, be as detailed as possible, buyers review the seller before the sellers gets to review them.