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Buyer is Blackmailing for review


Buyer don’t know where to go? He doesn’t have any directions. He always demand work before than the committed delivery time.
.I have completed his work with in hour for first order.
He ask to come on teamviewer to fix issue and then start threatening.
I have seen his ■■■■■ as well when connected with teamviewer for work. All sellers were saying bad words to him.
He Kept review pending and asked me for next work. He says, When you will do other work complete i will give review to previous work. Today he gave me 1 star rating for last order which was marked completed by him 40 hours before and he was happy.Unfortunately I have another active order with him.This buyer is disturbing the fair market place, I want to cancel his order need suggestion to choose a perfect reason to cancel his order, or should I report him?


Hello there!!

Go and report this to the fiverr team. You are being bullied.


It sounds like you are saying that the buyer refused to review you until you finished some sort of work. I don’t understand for sure but you wouldn’t normally discuss reviews with a buyer at all. As far as a cancellation, you can use the resolution center to ask the buyer to cancel for whatever reason you choose. The buyer can agree to cancel or can deny it. You can also ask Support if they will cancel it, but they usually expect you to try to work it out first.

Edited to add - I read the review he left you and it says that you asked him to leave you reviews. If that is true and it’s in your messages, Fiverr will likely send you a warning for asking the buyer to review you. Other than giving you that info, I don’t know what really went on between you and the other user but you’d best talk with Support.


Yap it’s true I asked him to share your experience in feedback for previous order i did not asked him to leave a positive or something like 5 star review. He said me to complete another order (which is independent ) then I will leave feedback.


It’s actually against policy to ask a buyer to give you feedback/reviews at all. I can’t say much about the second order but by discussing reviews you may have put yourself in a bad place. Good luck.


Thank for your consideration :slight_smile: