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Buyer is blackmailing me with a bad review to get a refund

I had a buyer recently place an order which I completed satisfactorily and in a timely fashion. After delivering the order, the buyer realized they had made a mistake and needed to record their song again. As a result they wanted a refund. I informed them they were not entitled to a refund because this issue has nothing to do with me as a seller. I was. happy to perform the work free of charge again once they fixed the issue, but this wasn’t good enough. They wanted a full refund.

They are blaming me for taking the order for an issue I didn’t even notice until after the work was complete that should have and would have been much easier to catch much earlier on in the production process before I was hired.

The buyer is not threatening a bad review if I don’t accept the cancellation. I have reached out to support to see what they say, but I’m curious if anyone else has had a similar situation with a buyer trying to blackmail you with a bad review into getting a refund and if so, how was it dealt with by either you or support?

You have done the right thing by reaching out to customer support.

Just keep refusing the buyer’s cancellation request and let CS rule on who is in the right.