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Buyer is Blackmailing me

A buyer is blackmailing me after order completion saying that he wants extra work for free otherwise he will give me a bad review. What can I do Now . Please help


please contact customer support. And give them all screenshot for proved.


Contact CS with the prove of Screen shot…


I already contacted but I received an auto- generated email.saying that It will take about 10 days to be reviewed by human.Before that the buyer will give me a bad review.

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Dont worry, you have contacted the support with the proof of his words. Even if he leaves, that remark will be removed by the support team.


Please Contact customer support with all proved


plz contact customer support with the proof SS.

customer support with the proof all Screenshot.

That buyer left me a negative but now he wants to change it and asking me how plz help

Did the customer support replied back with anything? The buyer is now satisfied?

There was no need to create a separate topic.

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buyer is now satisfied .CS replied as automated message saying that they will look on this in 10 days.

Thanks God. Wish you very best of luck.

If the buyer has written in clear words, then CS will remove it hopefully, send the screenshot of his words describing his satisfaction. Also if possible ask the buyer also to contact the support, CS will listen to buyer and you will have a higher chance of getting it removed. Dont keep on sending reminders to the CS, they are already engaged in many requests. Do keep in mind, even if the CS removes it buyer wont have the option to rate it again.

Contact Customer Support they help you more…