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Buyer is cancelling order with 100 % work done

Hi, I had an order of buyer asking 600+ covers at the rate of 1.5$per cover. And he asked to deliver these in bundle of 50 so he could print and check them.
I added watermark and he requested to remove it so he could check them properly. He had a point of checking it so I went with it.
Now after checking 500 covers he is asking to cancel it. I’ve gone to customer support and I’m feeling devastated because this meant a lot to me it was the biggest order I had and a lot was riding on it.
Please help me will fiverr support be helpful to me??


Sorry this happened to you.

Did you use the delivery button to deliver?

Removing the watermark was a mistake - scummy buyers are always trying to get free work.

CS will sort try to do something about this - be patient … and remind them you don’t want to cancel.

If you haven’t already, reject the buyer’s cancel request.

For the future - never do this big a job all in one go. Break it into smaller orders, so you can discover whether you’re a good fit.

If you use the deliver button, watermarks are removed once the order is market complete. Don’t remove it before that.


I have rejected buyers request.
I was suppose to deliver after he would have reviewed all 600 covers. But after rejecting his request to cancel order I also delivered him the remaining covers in official delivery.


Are these book covers? If so, and your buyer attempts to cancel just say:


I’m afraid that I cannot accept your request to cancel this order, as your full order has been delivered. If you wished to cancel, you would have needed to let me know before this volume of work was already prepared and checked by you.

Please note also, that if this order is canceled, I will retain all rights over every cover design. Copyright notices will, therefore, be filed with any author and/or publishing platform making books available using my cover designs. To date, I have a 100% success rate petitioning Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords, and Apple iBooks to remove work created by me, where orders on Fiverr and elsewhere have been canceled after delivery.

Kind Regards,


Your buyer is a reseller and this will pretty much make them wet their pants.


Professional but to the point. Damn, you should create a gig doing these kinds of things…LOL

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To add to what others have said. There’s a feature you can choose to use on custom offers on $100 and above which is called “milestones”. It allows you to deliver the project in steps and I think it would be great for your case. You can choose cost and delivery time for each milestone. In your case, each 50 covers is one milestone and $75 and the delivery time you need! I have never used it because I never made a sell so big but might be good for you to look into!


Milestones are a terrible idea. Each part takes 8 days to auto complete … and the buyer can cancel in the middle of the last one, so you lose all your money.


Thank you for your suggestions, I have taken the matter to Fiver Support, I hope they will resolve this matter. And I will take care in future with big orders.

yes I agree… milestones here on fiverr is terrible, you didnt get any money untill the last milestone is cleared.

I wouldn’t say better. :clap:

The buyer is saying that two have died due to corona in his family and he wants to cancel order. Threatening to get to terminate my account, I’m getting really tense and worried

Ignore. No one who has two members of their family gone would be on Fiverr trying to get 100$ back.

And even so, if you are catering on a funereal they can not say at the end they not going to pay you because of the family tragedy.

You did your work, you are sorry for his loss, but he just has to pay. And when he leaves bad review, tell him that you are sorry but you delivered the work as per agreement.

And in future split big orders in to small ones to test buyer.


This experience is teaching me a lot, I hope things work out and fiverr resolves this matter. This situation is just freaking me out, I’m worried about my account.
And I’ll surely take care in future.

Fiverr cancelled it :sob::sob::sob:.
Not fair, not fair.

i have faced this type of issue multiple times. recently i have completed a website, the client ask for extra work, i have done extra work 4 times, when his all work completed, then he started to ask that cancel the order, i am not satisfied.

i have complain to fiver support, and submitted all proofs of work, then fiver suggested me to be patient and try to do more work etc… i have followed all that, but client was not ready to accept. and at the end fiver cancel the order, and client get 100% completed work, and get their money back as well. now fiver asking that we will try to compensative you if possible.

fiver say’s that we always strive to remain absolutely neutral when making decisions
But it’s not true. they take decisions one sided. if client is not accepting, then fiver cancel order. even if you have delivered 100% and much more.

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