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Buyer is changing his requirement after his order

There are some buyers, who wants to change the requirement after putting the order ! It feels so bad because I spent my time to do my job as per their instructions and suddenly they come up with entirely new thing ! And wants to cancel the previous work … So they aren’t paying extra but they are forcing us to 2 job at one order technically !

If I say “no” probably they will report me and it will affect my gig. How do you handle this issues ?

How to cancel an order without affecting my gig ?is there any way?


yes, you can contact Customer Support and provide them all the Screen Shots and proves like what was agreed and what the buyer is asking more. They will help but try to be precise and short as they are overwhelmed now a days and they cant give much time to a request. It may take up to 10 days for them to respond.


Within 10 days I think buyer will report me/give me a bad review on my gig by accepting the order :frowning:

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yes, this is some kind of a blackmail for new sellers

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It so bad experience