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Buyer is cheating and want all work for free


Hi, I am working on an order and 98% of it is complete now the buyer is not accepting the order he is constantly sending me revisions and after some revisions, he requested to cancel the order, he says he didn’t like my work but he confirmed me earlier that he likes it. And he has also changed the login credentials of his website, I have already rejected the cancellation request one but i know if I reject the request again Fiverr will itself cancel the order. What should I do now, I have already been cheated by another buyer like him in the past, any good suggestion will be appreciated.


i am so sorry for your experience, i think you should contact support, show them screenshots of him saying he likes your work and other necessary.
maybe they could do something for you.

i hope you get it resolved.


Thanks for your reply, but the first order like this was instantly cancelled from fiverr after showing them the screenshots and the fiverr team said" They can’t do anything, if the buyer didn’t like your work you have to provide him good quality, and there’s nothing they can do."
i’ve spend my own $137 on this order to buy themes and plugins and now he is getting away with my work and paid plugins and themes.


oh my goodness…


Hello Brother,
we Feel Bad When Fiverr team is not with us on this type of case.
However Now only you have to Find some solution to talking with your client.
Just send Message with all efforts that you Put on your order and also tell that you have already spent this much money to give them best.
And realize them that how much it is important for you to complete your order.
Also ask them for which thing they did not like about your service and make them sure that you will resolve everything and give him the Best as they want so It may Be a chance that your client will get what they want and you will also get your order completed.
this thing may change their mind.


yup, he said he will return it in tip.

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I have already tried it he said he don’t like my work and don’t want to work with me, i have also said him to delete all the work i have done as he didn’t like it but he is not responding to that, it is clear that he is cheating.


So your client is agree to complete your order?
And he will tip you extra after completing your order?
So you will get your payment when he accept your delivery right?


Yes but now it is not going to happen.


I am sorry to hear your negative experience with this SCAM buyers, fiverr does not have a balance system for both we the seller and the buyers, they give preference for buyers than us the sellers. My advice is that do not use your cash to buy materials for clients project on this platform. Always send the clients the links for their resources for them to buy it and send you the downloads details in the future. I hope this will help you in your future dealing with your clients. Thank you


Thanks for your advice, i will never again buy anything from my money, i’ll follow your advice, i used to work on upwork i have done this (pre-purchasing) for my clients and this never happens, that’s why i was fearless of cheating.

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So request them and tell that you have already stated in past and now you are not on your words.
And if your client accept and complete your order as per your request then there is a chance for low rating of your order.


Truly, Fiverr support is pretty bad, especially in some subjects like your case.

Please remember an important thing I’ve learned when I have worked on Fiverr since 2014:
Fiverr always prioritizes buyer more than seller (It’s true!)
This is my personal opinion.

I’m a graphic designer and I want to share my own personal experience:

I have a lot of cases like yours. I always put a watermark on my designs in order to be aware of scammers. I just remove this watermark when my buyer SAYS that this design is fine. Then, I will send him this design without a watermark and we complete this order.

Unfortunately, some buyers confirmed their designs were fine. I removed the watermarks on these designs and sent them to my buyers.

After getting them successfully, they said that they didn’t like these designs because of blah blah and they asked me to do impossible things or asked me to do many things for free instead of ordering more gigs.

I didn’t agree with these requirements. They asked for a refund. I also didn’t agree with this nonsense refund. They gave me a 1 star. :sweat_smile:

After that, I asked Fiverr support, I gave many proofs to prove that they CONFIRMED their designs were fine, and they asked a refund after they got their designs without watermarks.

Fiverr support just said to me like they said to you:
“This is your business between you and your client. You have to find out a way to resolve it. Fiverr support cannot help you anything.”

I don’t remember exactly what Fiverr support said to me, but it’s something like the above.
Fiverr doesn’t want to involve in anything between a buyer and a seller.
If this case happens, Fiverr is always on the buyer’s side. :ok_hand:

If a buyer cheats a seller, Fiverr will say something like “This is your business between you and your client. You have to find out a way to resolve it, blah blah blah”
If a seller cheats a buyer, Fiverr ban this seller account IMMEDIATELY :-1:

You don’t believe me? Just try it and you will see :rofl:.

There are a lot of cases to prove that Fiverr always put a buyer above a seller, I’d like to share if you want to read it.

My final conclusion:
"Life is unfair, get used to it" - Bill Gates
"Fiverr is sometimes unfair, get used to it" - Me :wink: